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HCL Software is pleased to announce a new version of HCL OneTest Embedded that has been renamed as HCL DevOps Test Embedded. This version 9.0 mainly focuses on the Qualification Kits that have been greatly improved to meet all the customers’ requirements who have certification constraints. In addition, we will share in this article some of the features have been added in the different components of the tool.

Qualification Kits

The Qualification Kit allows customers to qualify DevOps Test Embedded as it is described in the RTCA DO-330 / EUROCEA ED-215. It is compliant with TQL-4 (Tool Qualification Level) that is required for verification tools (Criteria 2) Level A. It contains all the documentation and tests required to validate the tool in the customer environment (i.e. the provided tests that covered the tool requirements can be re-executed using the customer’s Target Deployment Port). You can find more information about the Qualification Kit here.

  • New Qualification Kit for Visual Test: Visual Test is the scriptless testing tool based on Eclipse. It has similar features compared with the Studio client, with a graphical editor to build the test cases. This new qualification kit includes the requirements and the tests of this tool. As with the other qualification kits, it can be requested by contacting HCL Software support.
  • Updated Qualification Kit for Control & Data Coupling: Control & Data Coupling are defined in the CAST-19 (Certification Authorities Software Team). These features are an extension of Code Coverage that allows customers to verify that the dependencies between modules (control coupling) and between modules and data (data coupling) have been covered during the test execution. For more information about Control Coupling in DevOps Test Embedded, see here, and here for Data Coupling. The Coverage Qualification Kit has been updated in version 9.0 to include requirements and tests for Control & Data Coupling.
  • New Qualification Kit for Coverage ARM Assembler: Since version 8.3, HCL DevOps Test Embedded has included a new Coverage tool for Assembler ARM, compatible with C/C++ Code Coverage (see more about this feature here). This feature now has its own Qualification Kit like the Qualification Kit for Code Coverage for C language.
  • Updated Qualification Kit for MISRA Code Review: The Qualification Kit for MISRA Code Review has been completed with new tests to completely cover the requirements.

Code Coverage

The following new Code Coverage features have been added in version 9.0:

  • Coverage for ARM Assembler 64 bit: Version 8.3 of Test Embedded only supports ARM Assembler 32 bit. This new version now includes support for 64 bit. As with the previous version, there are four levels of coverage (function, function & exit, statement block, and call) that are compatible for Code Coverage for C/C++ languages. The TDP for gcc ARM on Raspberry Pi has also been updated to support 64 bit, and it supports two modes:
    • Translate C compilation units in assembler and instrument them to get the code coverage on object files.
    • When C and ASM compilation units are mixed in a single project, run code coverage on all units using the right tool for C or assembler and generate a single report (see the image below for an example)

      Learn more about this feature here.
    • Justification of non-coverable branches for Ada language: Like what we have for C/C++ languages, we can now justify with a pragma instruction the branches that are not coverable in Ada compilation units. Learn more about this feature here.

    MISRA Code Review

    HCL DevOps Test Embedded support MISRA C 2004 & 2012. Some missing decidable rules have been added in this version:

    • MISRA C 2004: rule 12.11
    • MISRA C 2012: rules 9.4, 9.5, 11.9 and 12.4

    See the supported rules for MISRA C 2004 here and for MISRA C 2012 here.

    Requirement traceability matrix

    Since version 8.2, HCL DevOps Test Embedded can generate a requirement traceability matrix when importing one or several ReqIF files in Studio or Visual Test. Each requirement is identified by a unique ID. Unfortunately, in some requirement management tools, this unique ID is auto-generated and unknown by the end-user.

    In version 9.0, it is now possible to define an attribute used as ID, as shown in the following image:

    Visual Test & Studio

    Visual Test and Studio integrate some UI improvements:

    • In Visual Test:
      • It is possible to run only the selected static tools (metrics and code review) without running the build.
      • A new create project wizard has been added that can import the source files to test from a folder or from a CMake database (see the tutorial here).
      • New options have been added to the command line interface to select the TDP and the configuration.
      • Test results can be merged into a single report including all runtime analysis reports.
      • A new toolbar has been added to quickly access the project settings.
    • In Studio:
      • Studio now supports Git integration as a configuration management tool.

    New Target Deployment Ports

    Two new Target Deployment Ports have been added in version 9.0:

    • Visual Studio C/C++ 2022
    • Ada gnat based on GPRbuild

    The existing TDP for gcc ARM on Raspberry Pi has been updated to support ARM 64 bits.

    To learn more about HCL DevOps Test Embedded, visit our website.

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