The Service Lifecycle Management Platform for Your Aftermarket Transformation

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The Service Lifecycle Management Platform for Your Aftermarket Transformation

HCL Aftermarket Cloud is a SaaS offering that helps your enterprise differentiate through service excellence. With HCL Aftermarket Cloud, you will streamline your service value chain, deliver unmatched aftermarket services and attain your sustainability goals.​ HCL Aftermarket Cloud can be offered as part of the Business Cloud.


Drive Efficiency, Innovation, and Sustainability Every Step of the Way

HCL Aftermarket Cloud Solutions

Why Choose HCL Aftermarket Cloud​


Comprehensive Capabilities

Unlock a full suite of easy-to-use tools. From digital catalogs to proactive maintenance and beyond, our platform covers every aspect of aftermarket management.


Solution Agility

Embrace change effortlessly with our modular platform designed to seamlessly evolve alongside your growing business needs. By eliminating unnecessary costs, we empower you to swiftly adapt to industry shifts and maintain a competitive edge.


Rapid Implementation

No dependency on third-party implementation partners. Experience a swift deployment with our award-winning customer success team. Minimize disruption and achieve rapid ROI, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing tech stack


Proven Expertise

With a rich legacy of 30+ years in industry leadership and a proven track record of excellence, you can trust us to deliver highly functional and tailor-fit solutions that drive your aftermarket success.

Our Impact​

HCL Aftermarket Cloud delivers tangible results every day for diverse asset-centric industries and use cases reducing costs, increasing profits and margins and so much more.


Reduction in field operations costs


Time saved in ordering parts


Higher remanufacturing production


Increase in machine uptime

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