Application Security on the Cloud

Application Security on the Cloud

Application Security on the Cloud

You will reduce risk exposure, maximize remediation efforts, enhance security program management, and increase regulatory compliance with our application security on cloud platform.
HCL AppScan on Cloud is a fully hosted/managed subscription-based application security on cloud platform that helps secure your organization's business and data. It detects today's most pervasive security vulnerabilities from web to mobile to open-source with a suite of industry-leading technologies (SAST, DAST, IAST and SCA) and helps you remediate them before applications are deployed into production. Convenient, detailed reporting and centralized dashboards provide the visibility and oversight needed to effectively address an organization's complete application security risk.

Comprehensive Cloud Application Security Testing Suite

Static, dynamic, interactive, and open-source application security testing – all in one place. AppScan on Cloud offers a full suite of testing technologies to provide the broadest coverage for web, mobile, and open-source applications.


HCL AppScan on Cloud allows you to manage risk effectively with a single application security platform

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Easy Integration into the software development pipeline

HCL AppScan on Cloud integrates easily with leading build environments, DevOps tools and IDEs (integrated development environments), and provides a frictionless application security testing experience.

Enhanced Security with Machine Learning Capabilities

Machine learning capabilities deliver deeper, faster, more accurate scan coverage and eliminate false positives. The AppScan Slider for SAST and DAST empowers you to appropriately trade off speed vs. coverage, for distinct phases of the DevOps pipeline.

Auto Issue Correlation

Aggregated and correlated findings from multiple testing technologies (DAST, SAST, IAST) provide you with proof of exploitability so that you know which issues are the most critical and need to be prioritized for remediation.

Improve Cloud Security

HCL AppScan on Cloud enables container scanning, a critical capability in cloud security with an innovative use of SCA (software composition analysis) technologies to scan all contents of Docker containers and container images.

Address your open-source risk

HCL AppScan on Cloud helps reduce the risks inherent in using open-source components in the software you build by continuously identifying these components and scanning them for vulnerabilities.

Automation and Customization

Our cloud application security platform provides a rich set of APIs, as well as an open-source AppScan automation framework that enables you to customize integration to meet your specific needs. In addition to available “out of the box” integrations for leading tools, APIs and frameworks, AppScan Gateway can be combined to fit existing processes while offloading application scanning to the cloud.