The HCL BigFix endpoint management platform provides Nutanix customers with a single pane of glass to manage every endpoint in the enterprise, including the ability to streamline Nutanix endpoint management processes, consolidate management tools, ensure continuous compliance, and deliver intelligent automation.

BigFix can remediate guest VMs faster than any other solution, delivering greater than 98% first-pass patch success rates. Additionally, BigFix helps IT Operations to deploy software, leverage server automation, inventory software licenses, and remotely control desktops. BigFix can help secure and protect endpoints running on Nutanix by leveraging the thousands of out-of-the-box security checks, ensuring continuous compliance that helps prevent ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Nutanix customers can also provide sub-capacity reports of guest VMs using BigFix Inventory. By integrating BigFix and the Nutanix Hypervisor, sub-capacity information of guest VMs can be collected and uploaded to the BigFix Inventory database for subsequent reporting purposes.

Recently, the BigFix Platform and core modules have received Nutanix-ready AVH certification, permitting the installation of the BigFix Enterprise Server, relays, consoles and modules on guest VMs running on Nutanix. BigFix Lifecycle, BigFix Compliance and BigFix Inventory have been thoroughly tested to run on Nutanix offering greater versatility and performance for BigFix deployments.


  • Discover Nutanix guest VMs running virtually any supported OS (Windows, Red Hat Linux and CentOS)
  • Speed patching of operating systems and third-party applications of Nutanix VMs
  • Leverage task automation capabilities of servers running as Nutanix VMs
  • Inventory software running in Nutanix VMs
  • Accurately report on the sub-capacity of Nutanix VMs: Storage, Compute, Memory
  • Deploy BigFix Enterprise Server, consoles, relays, and all modules in Nutanix VMs


  • Implement continuous security and patch compliance all Nutanix guest VMs
  • Improve the productivity of IT operations responsible for managing environments that include Nutanix by streamlining endpoint management processes
  • Maintain software asset inventory and reduce risk of software license non-compliance
  • Reduce IT costs and complexity by unifying endpoint management across all operating systems supported by Nutanix



  • BigFix Lifecycle, BigFix Compliance, BigFix Patch or BigFix Inventory
  • Nutanix AHV and Nutanix Prism


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