Empowering ServiceNow with BigFix

Improved BigFix Integration with ServiceNow enhances the value of both solutions. Keeping the enterprise CMDB complete and accurate can be challenging and time consuming. Integrating BigFix Inventory with the new ServiceNow Service Graph allows an organization to leverage BigFix’s discovery agents for all Windows, UNIX, Linux and macOS endpoints to update the ServiceNow CMDB delivering high quality and accurate data to users across the organization.

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Five ways that BigFix Inventory significantly reduces costs and risk
A BigFix Administrator shares his experience deploying BigFix Inventory and realizing real business value.

BigFix in Retail
A large retail chain describes how BigFix helped them to reduce the time to collect hardware and software information while reducing patch time of 30,000 endpoints from weeks to hours.

BigFix Inventory V10
Learn about the new features and supported platforms in BigFix Inventory V10.

ServiceNow Service Graph for BigFix
Harness the wealth of BigFix’s near real-time endpoint data to automatically enrich the ServiceNow® CMDB.

BigFix Inventory is validated by IBM
Specific versions of HCL BigFix Inventory has been certified by IBM to be a replacement for IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT).

Food Distribution Company reduces software spend and increases compliance
BigFix reduced software spend and increased compliance at large US food distribution company.