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In the most recent Forrester Wave™ report for Static Application Security Testing (SAST) since 2021, the HCL AppScan portfolio of application security testing solutions has been evaluated amongst the top vendors in the SAST space as a strong performer. We believe this recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that empower developers and fortify code security in today's fast-paced digital+ economy.

The Forrester Wave™ report serves as an important static application security testing guide, offering a comprehensive evaluation of the top vendors in the market. This year’s report highlights a number of industry trends which are accelerating code development and deployment.

  • The proliferation of new and emerging technologies such as cloud, containers, microservices, DevOps, and low-code platforms
  • The integration of security into development workflows
  • The automation of the remediation process

The HCL AppScan portfolio includes not just SAST, but also DAST, IAST, and SCA solutions, all of which are cited by Forrester in its report and which reflect our dedication to providing a robust suite of tools that seamlessly integrate into developer workflows. We take pride in prioritizing developer velocity, delivering rapid, actionable results through native integrations with code repositories, build tools, CI/CD pipelines, and IDEs.

According to the Forrester report, “HCL AppScan has the largest coverage of languages and frameworks, including Rust, Dart, and ABAP. In addition, HCL AppScan’s “bring your own language” feature meets any customer need.”

In addition to being listed amongst the top vendors for SAST, HCL AppScan received its highest scores in a number of specific criteria.

  • DevSecOps workflows (highest score among all vendors evaluated)
  • Rules and policy management ( top two vendor score)
  • Breadth of coverage (top three vendor score)
  • Partner ecosystem (top three vendor score)
  • Supporting services and offerings (top three vendor score)

This detailed report highlights crucial factors that set HCL AppScan apart. Our global reach and unified, cloud-native experience across deployment models position us as a strategic choice for organizations with a global footprint. For enterprises, especially in the Asia Pacific region, considering HCL AppScan in their evaluations is not just a choice; it's a strategic move towards future-proofing their digital assets.

HCL AppScan goes beyond mere identification of security weaknesses; it facilitates a swift resolution by providing code examples and leveraging generative AI for automated fixes.

HCL AppScan is proud to announce our designation as a Strong Performer. Our roadmap aligns with industry benchmarks, promising continuous improvement in speed, coverage, accuracy, reporting, and results correlation.

Download the full report to see all the findings.

Visit our website for more information on the entire HCL AppScan suite of application security testing solutions and sign up for a free trial today.

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