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As endpoints continue to grow in volume and diversity, managing and securing them has become more complex and time-consuming. The types of endpoints to be managed have expanded from traditional desktops / laptops and serves to modern computing device forms such as mobile phones / tablets, cloud instances, IoT devices, etc. Each endpoint is also quickly getting more power with enriched functions, which means more activities on the endpoints to be monitored, more software modules to be patched and configured, and potentially more security vulnerabilities to be identified and remediated. The need for an enterprise-wide, capability-rich and administration-effective endpoint management solution has becoming even more desirable by all organizations.

In general, a powerful endpoint management solution needs to have the following capabilities or characteristics to address an organization’s needs:

  • Endpoints Applicability: The solution needs to be able to manage all types of endpoints ranging from employee PC and datacenter servers to mobile devices, cloud workload, and even IT/OT devices.
  • Capability Richness: The solution can provide all the functions required to make the endpoints always monitored, patched, secured, and compliant, addressing the need of various teams including IT operation, Security operation, regulatory compliance.
  • Management Complexity: The solution is easy to deploy, administrate and maintain. All the data to address the latest security vulnerabilities including OS/App patches, configuration checks, software inventory tags, can be made available promptly.

Another key characteristic of endpoint management solutions is how it can be acquired. Along with many other IT or business solutions, there is a trend to deliver endpoint management from a cloud-based solution so that it can be accessed from anywhere, all infrastructure setup and maintenance overhead can be eliminated, and it better aligns with an organization’s OpEx budget.

HCL BigFix, industry’s leading endpoint management platform, automates discovery, management, and remediation of all endpoints whether on-premises, mobile, virtual, or in the cloud – regardless of the operating system, location, or connectivity. With BigFix, you can centralize all the endpoint management tasks including device inventory, OS and application patching, software distribution, compliance assessment, and vulnerability remediation, using a consistent and cost-effective approach. BigFix delivers and keeps refreshing numerous out-of-the-box patch packages, security checklists, analytics reports to help organizations establish and maintain a secure and compliant posture and effectively fight against emerging cyberattacks.

HCL BigFix on Cloud delivers the full power of HCL BigFix from the cloud. It enables an organization to get all the benefits of BigFix but eliminates the burden of deploying, updating, maintaining, and optimizing the BigFix software and the underlying hardware infrastructure BigFix on Cloud combines the BigFix software’s superior capabilities and HCLTech global services excellence in a single endpoint management solution.

BigFix on Cloud has at least the following competitive advantages compared to other cloud-based endpoint management solutions:

  • Secure Infrastructure: A dedicated BigFix solution instance is deployed for each organization, eliminating the concerns with data sharing, with various security controls applied and monitored 24×7 and compliant with industry security standards.
  • Globally Available: BigFix on Cloud is available to organizations in each major geography including America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Full Scalability: BigFix on Cloud can be used to manage a small or large number of diverse endpoints with the ability to scale up to 300,000 endpoints, and easily upgraded to deliver additional functionalities.
  • Comprehensive Services: BigFix on Cloud includes all the professional or managed services to deploy, maintain and manage the solution infrastructure, with customer support 24×7 available for any solution infrastructure issues.
  • Flexible Pricing: BigFix on Cloud has a single monthly, endpoint-based subscription price to include software entitlement and all the services, with no differentiation for endpoint type, providing maximum flexibility.

To learn more about HCL BigFix on Cloud, visit the solution website today, watch Video on Demand, and read BigFix on Cloud launch blog.

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