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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between BigFix and Rapid7 – two industry leaders in cybersecurity solutions! This strategic integration brings together the power of BigFix's comprehensive endpoint management platform and Rapid7's innovative vulnerability management expertise. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the field of vulnerability remediation, allowing organizations to enhance their security posture like never before.

Reducing Time to Remediation: The Key to Effective Vulnerability Management

We all know the threat landscape is constantly evolving, making effective vulnerability management more crucial than ever. One of the biggest challenges organizations face is reducing the time between vulnerability discovery and remediation. The longer this window remains open, the greater the risk of a successful cyber attack.

The integration of BigFix and Rapid7 squarely addresses this challenge by providing a comprehensive solution that automates the process to reduce the time between discovery and remediation. By seamlessly combining vulnerability detection with rapid response capabilities, organizations will be better equipped to mitigate the risk of potential vulnerabilities swiftly and effectively.

Insights for Vulnerability Remediation: Unleashing the Power of Data

To effectively manage today's dynamic threat landscape, organizations require actionable insights and holistic visibility into their security posture. This powerful new collaboration empowers organizations to leverage the power of data-driven insights for vulnerability remediation.

We have achieved unprecedented visibility by combining the vulnerability management capabilities of Rapid7 with the advanced endpoint management capabilities of BigFix. This enables organizations to prioritize vulnerabilities based on actual risk severity, business criticality and real-time threat intelligence.

By harnessing this integrated platform, organizations can proactively remediate vulnerabilities, closing the gap between vulnerability discovery and resolution. This results in a drastic reduction in the risk exposure window and minimizes the chance of successful cyber attacks.

Key Benefits of the BigFix and Rapid7 Integration

1. Streamlined Vulnerability Management

The integration allows for seamless end-to-end vulnerability management, encompassing discovery, assessment, prioritization, and remediation. This unified approach simplifies workflows, saves time, and ensures vulnerabilities are swiftly addressed.

2. Enhanced Visibility and Insights

Combining the power of BigFix's comprehensive endpoint management platform with Rapid7's industry-leading vulnerability management capabilities enables unparalleled visibility into an organization's security posture. Actionable insights empower security teams to make informed decisions and optimize their remediation efforts.

3. Efficient Prioritization

Organizations can prioritize vulnerabilities based on actual risk severity and threat intelligence, focusing their resources on the most critical areas. This ensures maximum impact with minimal effort and resources.

4. Rapid Remediation

With the ability to swiftly remediate vulnerabilities across endpoints, servers, and cloud environments, organizations can significantly reduce the time it takes to close security gaps. This translates into improved resilience against cyber threats and increased overall security.

Two Powerful Tools, Now in One Solution

The integration of BigFix and Rapid7 marks a pivotal moment in the cybersecurity landscape. By combining their innovative technologies and expertise, this collaboration empowers organizations to revolutionize their vulnerability remediation processes. The shortened time between vulnerability discovery and remediation significantly reduces the risk exposure window and increases overall security posture.

We invite you and your organization to explore the power of this groundbreaking partnership. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats by embracing the unified vulnerability management capabilities offered by BigFix and Rapid7. Together, we can build a more secure digital future.

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting integration and how it can revolutionize your vulnerability management strategy. For more information about the power of BigFix and Rapid 7 together, click here or head to

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Automation | November 16, 2023
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