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Many organizations have “cloud initiatives” to move their data centers to the cloud, in order to eliminate the legacy, on-premises infrastructure (hardware, software, management tools, etc.) acquisition and setup, reduce the technical resources to manage and maintain the infrastructure, and better align with the OpEx budget. Organizations expect to get machine resources, IT management solutions and business applications all delivered from the cloud so they can just focus on their core business functions.

HCL BigFix on Cloud

HCL BigFix on Cloud is a new offering from the HCL BigFix team. It combines the power of BigFix endpoint management capabilities with HCL’s global cloud-based managed services to provide a hosted BigFix solution that accelerates deployment, reduces management complexity, and eliminates expensive infrastructure. Unlike other cloud-based solutions, BigFix on Cloud enables Security and IT Operations teams to manage every endpoint and remediate vulnerabilities faster, backed by HCL’s world-class, global service delivery team.

BigFix on Cloud allows organizations to cost-effectively manage and secure a variety of endpoints. It is:

  • Proven: BigFix is delivered on a robust, cloud services platform leveraged by more than 140 global customers and 150,000 users.
  • Secure: BigFix is delivered on a highly secure, cloud services platform that is compliant with industry standards for security and governance, including ISO 27001 and SOC 2.
  • Fast: Bring all endpoints under BigFix management rapidly, speeding time-to-value and lowering implementation costs.
  • Elastic: Manage a small or larger number of diverse endpoints with the ability to easily scale up, accommodating more endpoints and additional functionality as needs arise.
  • Efficient: Eliminate infrastructure costs by leveraging subscription-based pricing that includes hardware, software, and infrastructure management.
  • Flexible: Choose either the new BigFix One on Cloud solution, or one or more BigFix on Cloud solutions, to deliver the right capabilities to the organization, anywhere around the globe.

With HCL BigFix on Cloud, organizations now can respond rapidly to an ever-changing endpoint environment with unparalleled scalability and flexibility to add capacity and functionality as the business needs evolve.

To learn more about HCL BigFix on Cloud, visit the solution website today and join a live webinar scheduled on November 22 at 11 a.m. EST.

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