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RBI, or the Reserve Bank of India, is the central banking institution of India that regulates the country’s monetary policies and manages the country’s banking system. In recent years, the RBI has also taken a more proactive approach to address the issue of cybersecurity and compliance in the financial services sector and released a set of controls and guidelines, known as Cyber Security Framework. With this approach, banks can proactively implement to address the increasing security threats in a more effective way.

HCL BigFix has emerged as the powerful solution to support the RBI Framework. It has also been the bedrock on which many institutions have successfully implemented security frameworks. A multitude of RBI requirements can be effectively fulfilled via HCL BigFix.

Here are just some of HCL BigFix's salient capabilities that proactively support RBI compliance:

  • Proficient Management of a Diverse Array of Devices – With HCL BigFix, banks can efficiently manage multiple device types including desktops, laptops, servers, ATMs and mobile devices, streamlining cybersecurity efforts.
  • Comprehensive OS Patch Support – Be it new or legacy operating systems and third-party applications, HCL BigFix provides ready-to-deploy patch content across Windows, Linux, UNIX, macOS, iOS or Android.
  • Comprehensive Database and Middleware Patch Support – HCL BigFix is the only tool in the market that provides content to detect patch availability for a multitude of databases and middleware applications and safely install those updates.
  • Compliance Reporting - C-level executives and auditors need to see reports that show compliance status and progress. With HCL BigFix, reports are available to show, for example, the patches released in the last 60 days, all patches deployed, and device compliance level.
  • Vigilant Vulnerability Management – Constant monitoring of patch releases and threat information disseminated by organizations such as MITRE and CISA enables your organization to have real-time visibility of the vulnerability exposures that affect the environment, have prescriptive guidance on the remediation priority and quickly remediate them to stay on top of emerging and zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Up-to-Date Inventory – HCL BigFix allows banks to maintain up-to-the-minute inventory of all hardware and software assets, paving the way for optimal resource allocation and utilization. With HCL BigFix, banks can also maintain a centralized list of allowed software, detect unauthorized software that is installed on an endpoint and force uninstallation from the device.
  • Centralized Software Control – HCL BigFix offers centralized control over the installation of operating systems, software and applications on any endpoint. It also speeds provisioning and hardening of endpoints against cyber attacks.
  • Policy Enforcement – HCL BigFix helps to continuously enforce security configuration policies across a bank’s fleet of endpoints, establishing a solid security umbrella and protecting all digital assets.

HCL BigFix offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that handle lifecycle, compliance, vulnerability and inventory management across a broad spectrum of endpoint types and operating systems. HCL BigFix boasts the ability to confidently manage and secure your endpoints, fortifying banks against cyber attacks.

Contact us to learn how HCL BigFix can reinforce your institution's cybersecurity framework and satisfy RBI's stringent compliance requirements.

“HCL BigFix delivers ready-to-deploy patch content for operating systems, applications, databases and middleware. It secures and manages user workspace devices, servers and even ATMs.”

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