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HCLSoftware is excited to share that HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 customers are now entitled to use the HCL Volt Foundry data integration middleware’s pre-built adapters, workflow and API management services in conjunction with their DX environment. These value-add capabilities will help DX customers rapidly digitize business processes and achieve up to 60% reduction in time to market.

HCL DX Cloud Native 9.5 is for you if you’re looking for:

  • Integration: Volt Foundry allows you to define various back-end services for your DX experience and create custom adapters as needed.
  • Orchestration: Volt Foundry can coordinate several services across systems together and expose them as a single service, reducing complexity and making reuse easier.
  • Rules as a Service: Volt Foundry enables the creation of business logic to be externalized as services.
  • API Management: Configure and manage (create, edit, and delete) app services (identity, integration, and orchestration) within a DX site or single-page app without linking or configuring them.

Using the capabilities of Volt Foundry,DX practitioners can now simplify the user experience using data and SaaS services – and much faster than previous methods. This exciting new collaboration of solutions includes Volt Foundry consumed from DX’s Digital Data Connector, Script Application, and HCL Leap within a DX experience.

Ready to start your own digital transformation journey? Start here!

HCL provides the Volt MX Marketplace for customers to download new adapters as they become available, such as third-party SaaS applications, CMS, personalization engines and marketing automation providers.

In addition, Volt Foundry provides analytics on APIs with built-in custom reporting. Equally important, multi-layered security options are included, supporting data and identity protection with enterprise-grade security certifications, aligned with the security you expect from your DX environment.

DX customers looking to extend the value of Volt Foundry beyond what is available in the DX Cloud Native 9.5 entitlement can purchase a license for Volt MX, allowing them to:

  • Make full use of Volt Foundry – SDKs and externalized services separate from outside of DX such as Flutter or React.
  • Use Volt MX’s low-code application development environment to create native mobile, tablet, and wearable solutions with DX WCM and DAM content.
  • Enable the use of HCL Leap for enterprise-wide Citizen Development capabilities, extending them beyond the current limitation of use within a DX program.
  • Create embedded Volt MX apps delivered into any DX experience as Script Apps.
  • Leverage the engagement services of Volt Foundry for push messaging to mobile apps.

An add-on offer exclusively for DX Cloud Native 9.5 subscribers is expected to be available in the near future.

If you have any questions about this new entitlement for customers with DX Cloud Native 9.5 subscriptions, please get in touch with your HCL sales representative or business partner.

HCL DX Product Team

Stay Informed!

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