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In the Digital+ economy, customer and employee experiences (CX and EX) are the talk of the town at businesses of all sizes around the globe. The buzz is often justified because true employee- and customer-centric experiences can truly transform any business.

However, without a focus on outcomes, these crucial concepts are just buzzwords. So how do organizations embrace these strategies, and what kind of difference can they make?

That’s where a multiexperience DXP comes in. HCLSoftware has enhanced its DXP, HCL DX, to bring together content, apps, and processes for better omni-channel outcomes.

Creating Total Experiences

Gartner reports that 64% of customer-facing employees say unnecessary effort and too many silos prevent them from delivering a high-quality customer (or employee, or citizen, etc.) experience.

There’s a closely related concept, too. ‘Total experience,’ or TX, has been described by Gartner as “the ability to break down silos and deliver interconnected rather than disparate experiences.”

Gartner also predicts that by 2024, organizations adept at delivering a TX strategy will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics. Multiexperience DXP (MXDXP) puts organizations on the path to the total experience, empowering them to:

  • Modernize
  • Integrate everything
  • Delight with total experience

At this point, the organization is delivering not just content but customized, consumable experiences and enabling outcomes. Let’s take a look at an illustrative example.

Imagine an insurance company that has defined a clear goal and business outcome statement, such as “reduce the time and effort needed for our customers to submit and settle their claims and related actions.” They’ve used HCLSoftware’s MXDXP to put together a polished, user-friendly front-end portal, powered by backend integrations and workflows that achieves the following:

  • Efficiency and task completion: The MXDXP greatly boosts efficiency by providing a focused stream of specific tasks of what the user needs to focus on.
  • Streamlined processes wherever the customer is: While the company’s backend processes likely involve multiple software suites, the MXDXP cuts through the software and information silos to deliver that same simplified workstream anywhere, on any device the customer or employee chooses.
  • Increased loyalty: The portal buildout was “design-led,” with the intent of resolving issues quickly and efficiently, thereby minimizing customer effort and boosting loyalty.

The HCL MXDXP delivers all of this while also ensuring front-end consistency in UX design, functionality, and branding. We also offer alternatives to phone queues such as efficient chatbots.

Thanks to Volt Foundry, one of the primary components of the MXDXP, O-Sure was able to leverage low-code development to realize these benefits during development and as an ongoing practice.

  • Faster and easier integration through Volt Foundry — out of the box — greatly simplifying the integration of multiple SaaS solutions, enterprise systems, APIs and processes on the backend.
  • Enabling consistent omni-challenge experience across web, native mobile, tablet, wearable, kiosks, and more custom channels.
  • New rapid application development options for professional developers for creating custom application components.
  • Expansion of existing citizen developer capabilities with IT governance to allow business users to digitize existing manual processes including using Excel and email, capture data more easily or integrate two or more systems together to form an approval process.

Of course, any modern insurance company also has to deliver a top-drawer experience on smartphones and other devices. Check out what O-Sure presents to mobile users:

Again, it’s a clear, simplified, design-led experience focusing on the most common inquiries, issues and reasons for contact. What may not be immediately apparent is that all of these functions - initiating a claim, pulling certificates, requesting roadside assistance, and more - call on different backend APIs and processes and, in some cases, are entirely outside vendors like towing companies.

The user sees and experiences none of that, meaning a greatly improved experience that minimizes effort and stress. Regardless of the user’s age or walk of life, they’re delivered a thoughtful and carefully optimized insurance experience.

Speaking of life, O-Sure can think ahead and start being proactive with customer offers. Imagine that a customer has enough information on file to know that a customer has a child who’s about to turn 16. Knowing that there’s a good chance this teenager will soon be a new driver, O-Sure can craft an offer for an insurance discount if the new driver goes through a trusted driving school.

Naturally, if the customer accepts this offer, O-Sure can leverage its integration with the driving school partner to automatically coordinate the offer and discount while upholding the utmost data security and customer privacy.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to the MX DXP concept and the myriad of benefits it provides for customers, employees, citizens, and the organizations who serve them. We’ll have further entries in this MXDXP series, so check our blog again in the near future to see what you can do with HCL DX today in a larger context.

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