A relationship built by long-standing reputable companies and products. HCLSoftware and BOGE Kompressoren have been partners since the late 1990s with HCL Domino at the forefront.

A renowned and established manufacturer of compressors and air systems in Germany, BOGE has been in business for over 110 years with an impressive network of approximately 700 dedicated employees worldwide. They supply more than 120 countries with first-class products and systems and provide comprehensive customer service on a large scale. BOGE has a diligent team who has utilized HCL Domino to create about 500 tailored applications, all of which significantly optimize and streamline business processes.

Domino Provides an Adaptable Platform

The initial implementation of Domino for BOGE was version 4.6 in the late 1990s, and Domino has proven to be an integral part of BOGE’s IT strategy. Domino’s reputation as a reliable and efficient rapid application development platform shines in workflow automation and improvement. Both BOGE and HCL Domino understand how crucial adaptability to change means over time. Domino provides that needed flexibility – and BOGE seizes it.

Domino can interface with the company’s internal SAP system through SOAP interfaces and Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI). It ensures a seamless data exchange, leading to significant improvement and acceleration of business processes. This empowers the employees to access important information and minimizes HR interfacing by automating tasks easily done through SAP.

Domino serves as a vital component to reduce the barriers to execution for BOGE team members. BOGE is able to replace processes previously done on paper by making them digital. The approval steps are controlled using the Leap workflow editor, demonstrating how HCL Domino Leap simplifies and accelerates workflows.

Domino Upgrade Delivers New Innovative Tools

In 2023, the Domino platform is being upgraded to the latest release enabling BOGE to take advantage of hundreds of new features and security improvements. Additionally, BOGE elected to deploy HCL Domino Leap, an innovative platform for both IT and business users to quickly develop new apps without needing to write a single line of code. This has opened new paths in workflow digitization and automation, making it even easier and more adaptable for BOGE to engineer apps for their needs. A prime example of the possibilities, Domino Leap has automated leave requests and tracking. Employees can easily submit their sick leave notices through a Leap web form, which is subsequently transferred to their existing Notes database for further processing or sent directly to SAP.

In parallel with these improvements, BOGE is transforming Domino applications into web applications using Angular frontend and Spring. They stay up to date and take full advantage of ongoing technological developments, keeping the future and innovation top of mind.

Building on Success

BOGE and HCLSoftware have a commitment to continuously optimize business processes and respond to changing requirements without having to compromise on security or reliability. With HCL Domino, compromises don’t need to be made. Domino delivers on their promise to assist BOGE in achieving excellent results in workflow efficiency as BOGE continues to provide outstanding customer service.

Keeping reputable companies successful and reputable for at least another 110 years.

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