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HCL Domino Leap delivers business transformation by enabling citizen developers to solve business challenges and drive workflow efficiencies through process and data automation. Domino Leap offers the advantage of shorter development cycles, reduced development costs, and the ability to make everyone in the organization a developer. Our Domino Leap 1.1 release provides some exciting new features to extend an organization’s ability to become even more agile in responding to everyday challenges.  

Previously known as Domino Volt, the new product name — Domino Leap — is being changed to avoid confusion with HCL Volt MX.  The new name also better aligns with its identical twin – HCL Leap. The two are essentially the same, and in fact share the same basic source code. The only difference is that Domino Leap runs on the Domino platform and provides some additional features which only make sense to Domino customers. 

New features included in this release fall into three major categories: building more sophisticated workflows, reusing your work, and integration with Domino. 

Building More Sophisticated Workflows 

Workflow Branching — A new set of features for visually designing workflow branches has been added. You can specify any number of branches and rules which dictate when that branch should be followed.  For example, a “second approver” branch might be taken when the “amount is greater than 10,000.”  Each branch can have its own activities for notification, assignment and service calls. 

Workflow Reminder Notifications — Reminder notifications can be set up based on a cadence preceding a due date. The due date can be a selected date, a date from the form, or based on how many days the form has been in the workflow stage. Past due notifications can also be set up. Notifications help ensure organizational focus and shorter process cycle time. 

Reusing Your Work and Productivity 

Copy and Paste — This feature allows you copy any widget or section from one app and paste it into another. For example, if you’ve added a “contact info” section to one app, simply copy and paste it into your new app.  No more need to duplicate work by recreating every widget, label, setting, etc.  Any service interactions or JavaScript associated with the items are also copied.  This lets you reuse JavaScript and services you’ve built in the past. It’s an amazing timesaver. 

New HTML Editor — A real HTML editor now appears when you add HTML fragment widgets to your app.  The editor properly highlights and formats your syntax, making it much easier to work with. 

New Page Validation Behavior — This change makes creating multi-page, wizard-style forms much easier. In previous releases, if you had a multi-page form with required fields on the first page, you had to wait until clicking “submit” on the last page for validation to happen. The only way around this was to add some JavaScript to force the validation on each page. This new behavior validates a page when you navigate away from it. No more workarounds needed! 

Integration With Domino 

Domino Rich Text Roundtripping — Added ability to write rich text from Domino Leap to an existing Domino DB with rich text fields. Leap is able read the contents of Domino-rich text fields and put that content into a Leap rich text field. This includes any file attachments that are stored in the Domino field.  The content can then be edited and updated back to Domino. New Domino documents can also be added from Leap with rich text content. This essentially allows you to create a Leap app that leverages the Domino app by providing a new modern web interface. 

Domino Leap enables organizations to give nontechnical users the ability to build applications without writing a single line of code — and up to 70% faster. Leap also makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade, workflow-based applications. While it runs on Domino, you don’t need any specialized Domino or IT skills. Learn more about Domino Leap or test drive Domino Leap via our Sandbox. 

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