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Is it possible to save money and improve efficiency at the same time? Learn about a 2022 Forrester report on the potential ROI for businesses that choose HCL Domino.

For many organizations, modernizing their infrastructure is both a struggle and a top priority. While 81% of businesses surveyed by Forrester are currently attempting to modernize their infrastructure and 62% are focusing on updating their business applications, finding the right solutions isn’t always easy.

The vast majority of surveyed business leaders said they are considering exploring cloud-native solutions and no-code platforms. But how to choose the right one?

Forrester Consulting recently conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of HCL Domino and found that organizations see an average 392% return on investment (ROI) after deploying the latest version of the innovative development platform.

Here are the four business benefits of HCL Domino that Forrester identified from the study:

1. Domino improves operational efficiency


Paper-based processes require significant time and often introduce manual errors. HCL Domino makes it possible for teams to quickly create apps that manage everything from invoicing to processing customer data, which can free up their time to focus on higher value projects.

Organizations that moved to digital apps and workflows with Domino, for example, saved an average of $1.2 million through improved efficiency.

These apps can be set up to notify specific parties at each milestone, keeping processes moving forward and all stakeholders in the loop. They also can provide a ledger of the process, resulting in a level of accountability and transparency that simply is not possible with manual processes.

With Domino, companies saved an average of 3.5 minutes per process, which adds up considerably throughout the day multiplied by the number of employees. Because Domino replaces the need for multiple platforms, organizations can also save resources with only a single system to maintain and manage.

2. Domino reduces app development time


Most of the organizations surveyed (73%) want to develop unique applications for specific business needs using no code. Developing apps can be time consuming, and every day you wait is another day that your employees continue to use cumbersome and error-prone manual processes.

With Domino, everyone on your team can become a developer. Employees are empowered to act and create apps to improve their own processes without waiting for IT.

Forrester found that Domino makes it possible to create an app in half the time of traditional development. In fact, in three years, the efficiency gains through faster app development totaled $255,200. The study also discovered that HCL Domino helps organizations support their core business through highly customized apps that are industry (and team) specific.

While out-of-the-box package solutions likely address only some or part of your needs, a more holistic platform like HCL Domino can help your teams build apps that fit your exact needs and workflows.

3. Domino improves security


On the surface, opening app development to employees outside the IT department feels less secure. On the contrary, the security is automatically built-in into all the apps created using HCL Domino. Unlike other platforms or custom-built apps, you eliminate the risk of “shadow IT”, a citizen developer not properly configuring security features or leaving a vulnerability in the app.

Additionally, Domino creates Active Directory Integration (ADI) during the development process. Once the apps are in employees’ hands, they enter a single password for all Domino apps. Because employees don’t have to manage multiple passwords, Domino lowers the risk of unauthorized access.

4. Domino saves money


According to Forrester, organizations leveraging HCL Domino saved $4.5 million compared to businesses using alternate solutions.

Why? Instead of hiring vendors, citizen developers create various applications themselves, usually without assistance from IT. Instead of purchasing multiple disparate solutions, organizations only need to purchase one platform, often eliminating the need for separate CRM, ERP, and HR solutions.

Other similar products cost $580,000 over three years. Domino, on the other hand, uses a subscription model that scales the number of users. What’s more, your organization can use either virtual or physical servers, saving resources because you do not need to buy new equipment.

With HLC Domino, your organization can achieve an exceptionally high ROI in a brief time. Even more importantly, your employees have the tools they need to best serve customers and grow the business. Your apps should be as unique as your company — meeting your specific needs and solving your biggest problems.

Download the survey now and learn more about upgrading to the latest version of HCL Domino.

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