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CX North America is fast approaching, and the HCL Discover team will be there. We’re excited to show and present how Discover works to provide deep behavioral insights into the online user journey. In addition, we will have a booth to give personalized attention to attendees on topics like predictive analytics, session replays, proactive struggle detection, browsing behaviors analytics, and live session replay.

Plus, a learning presentation where you can see the benefits of customer behavior analytics for your digital business and how you can get meaningful insights into how users interact with your brand, and where you can start making changes that drive growth.

We will go beyond tracking analytics to get data alone – but will show you how we are intentional about what problems you’re looking to solve. Because businesses that have clear insight into which customers are about to buy, have bought, when, and where they are, and what they might struggle with via a multi-channel digital experience, gain a competitive edge because they are better prepared to make data and behavior-based decisions.

Want to join us at CX North America? Register here.

Can’t attend, don’t worry; we got your back. Check out the video below for details on Discover.


Want to start providing deep behavioral insights into the online user journey, leading to positive experiences and increased online conversions? Request a demo today!


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