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We asked, you answered: How are you keeping your organization protected against cyber threats?

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’ve been sharing tips on protecting your organization’s most valuable asset in the Digital+ Economy: data. Knowledge is power when it comes to staying proactive about your cybersecurity, which is why we also ran some polls throughout October to see what steps you’re already taking to stay secure online.

For our first poll, we focused on one of the most common forms of digital authentication: passwords. The more complex the password, the better protected your accounts and information are from looming threats and hackers.

Here’s what you told us about your secret password:

Which of the following is the strongest password?

Total Votes: 525

BestBossEver#1 – 5%

Lotterywinnerjoe$999 – 8%

HA@L3Y99!Jop – 77%

QwErTy#12345 – 10%

Not every email in your inbox is worth opening. In fact, some of them are out to get your precious information. It’s important to be able to spot suspicious emails that contain “bad links,” which aim to exploit your credentials and launch a cyberattack.

Here’s what you told us about your experience with these kinds of suspicious links:

What do you do when you receive an unexpected email with a link?

Total Votes - 329

Click to see what happens -12%

Send the link to my team - 6%

Don't click the link - 77%

Use random online link checker - 5%

Free Wi-Fi might feel like a win, but it’s another doorway to your sensitive information. Hackers can take advantage of these unsecured networks to position themselves between you and the connection point and wreak cyber havoc. So, think again before you take your work on the go–make sure you’re protected!

Here’s what you told us about logging on in public spaces:

Do you work using the Wi-Fi at any of these locations?

Total Votes - 470

Airport 34%

Café 16%

Library 14%

Hotel 37%

Cybersecurity awareness is your first line of defense against the ever-evolving threats of the digital world. Explore how HCLSoftware can help you keep your data protected here.

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