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HCLSoftware is pleased to announce a new version of software testing tool, HCL OneTest – 10.5.2. Our OneTest portfolio continues to deliver customer enhancement requests. These capabilities that supports our changing technology environment and improving the DevOps lifecycle.

So, what’s new in version 10.5.2? Let’s break it down by platform.

HCL OneTest Server:

  • Running virtual services on HCL OneTest API agents from HCL OneTest Server

    You can now configure an HCL OneTest API agent to register with a team space in HCL OneTest Server. To do this, you will need the server hostname, team space name, and a security token. Users can then deploy virtual services on that location.
  • Running Selenium tests on HCL OneTest Server

    You can now run Selenium tests that are within a Maven project from HCL OneTest Server.

HCL OneTest UI:

  • Automatic selection of the Web UI engine to run functional test scripts

    OneTest UI now automatically selects the Web UI engine as a default feature when you play back functional test scripts.
  • Enhancements to the Details panel of unified reports

    You can now view the profile name, clear the cache and clear history values in the Start application section of the Details panel in the unified reports after the test playback.
  • Support for drag-drop action in tests

    Test steps can now include drag-drop actions.

HCL OneTest Performance:

  • IBM Instana Observability integration

    When you select the Enable Instana option, HCL OneTest Performance adds specific HTTP headers to the request in tests to collate data about the pages and transactions.
  • Enhancement to the command line option

    The command line option is now enhanced so that you can run multiple test assets at a time by using the wildcard character * enclosed in quotes. You can use * in different combinations to specify any or all test assets that are in a folder.

HCL OneTest API and HCL OneTest Virtualization:

  • Importing and creating test resources from externally recorded events

    You can now import events that are recorded in external applications and saved as an HTTP archive file into the Recording Studio. After you import events, you can create tests or stubs and run them in HCL OneTest API.
  • Automatic detection of encoding settings

    A new option to control whether to automatically determine the encoding settings from the binary content in fields is now available as a preference setting.

Please visit HCL OneTest for more information about our software testing tool or get a free trial.

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