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When we provide applications for our users, we want them to have the best experience. We anticipate the page load time will be quick, the navigation will be efficient, and ultimately enable users to achieve what they came to do when using the app – whether it is to buy something, download information or more.

For your team to be successful, you want the application to be fast. You also need it to have a high ranking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and provide a positive conversion rate. Conversion rates are critical.

Why? Let’s use an example: If your application has a two second page load time, you’ll likely achieve a 2% conversion rate. However, if it takes about four seconds to load the page, your conversion rate falls below 1%. Consider how you measure the success of your application. How do you ensure that users are achieving the goals you’ve set the application up to do?

You need to conduct application performance testing using automation. Performance testing can be challenging, however, because the functionality generates a large amount of data.

Luckily, HCL DevOps Test can help analyze these large amounts of data and by providing handy tooling around performance testing automation, but also by leveraging machine learning algorithms to automate the results analysis and detect potential patterns.

Check out our microwebinar to hear firsthand from our expert, Martin Lescuyer, HCL Software Product Manager. He’ll detail how application testing can help your team obtain a detailed analysis and you can effectively measure performance to ensure that your customers have a positive user experience.

Watch the microwebinar here.

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