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Organizations have evolved from delivering software though the traditional waterfall model to now adopting DevSecOps practices. The reason for this shift? Companies need to innovate faster and deliver products faster to market. Release cycles need to be shortened and made more efficient. At the same time, quality and security cannot be compromised. If they are, then the cost to the end customer as well as the organization can be too much to bear.  

A crucial way to navigate this scenario is by adopting continuous software development and delivery as well as automation. Automation is pertinent to continuous development and delivery and is needed to achieve efficiency and agility.  Value Stream Management, the practice that focuses on increasing the flow of business value from customer request to customer delivery, is another hot philosophy that organizations are beginning to adopt. 

Continuous testing is when applications are tested continually throughout the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) and not just at the very end of development.  Automated testing is done to ensure teams receive immediate insights to mitigate as many risks as possible through the SDLC. This timely feedback will help improve speed and coverage of testing and reduce manual efforts and will result in cost savings as well as faster time to market for companies.  

What are some key factors to consider for a successful continuous testing strategy? How do you go about choosing the right continuous testing vendor who can truly be a partner and help you succeed in your goals?  

Read this e-Guide to get more information about continuous testing for your organization’s success. 

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