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We spend endless hours obsessing about the tiniest details that make the most significant difference, from design and customer journey to how businesses can easily access 50 product components, 2,000+ REST API endpoints, 40+ cloud native business solutions. 

As a part of our investment in a hands-on cloud native experience with HCLSoftware Business Solutions, we have continued our commitment to innovation and growth by helping businesses gain even more solutions by now publishing business partners on HCL SoFy from the new HCL SoFy Partner Program. 

Join us in welcoming our newest HCL Commerce and DX partner solutions now in HCL SoFy  

New solutions extending the power of HCL Commerce and HCL Digital Experience are now available in HCL SoFy. With promising benefits such as improved conversion rates, accelerated payments, improved efficiency, and more, HCL Business Partner offerings are now available in HCL SoFy. The solutions and products available in SoFy have grown by over 40% over the past six months, with the latest inclusions coming from HCL Business Partners. Check out these newest additions: 

ZineOne: Commerce Intelligence for Anonymous Consumers 

ZineOne for HCL Commerce, increases conversion rates and drives incremental revenue with real-time offers exclusively for influenceable ‘on-the-fence’ consumers. In-session intelligence from ZineOne increases purchase conversions from anonymous consumers. Increase your conversion rates 15% to 35% for on-the-fence site visitors to drive additional revenue from your existing site traffic. 

Base22: Portal Framework for Digital Workplaces 

Base22 presents an accelerator framework of UX components, process workflows, and integration patterns that can be installed in HCL DX, integrated into your existing systems, and configured to specific portal use cases delivering highly personalized experiences.  

Citcon: Payment Technologies 

Citcon helps businesses accelerate topline growth by connecting them to the payment methods consumers and partners in North America and regions around the world prefer – all through one integration.  

Solveda: OSLO Starter Store 

Solveda’s OSLO Starter Store is a ready-to-go solution that’s battle tested, production ready, headless, SPA (Single Page Application), PWA (Progressive Web Application) with blazing performance and revenue generating features. OSLO powers your B2C, B2B, and marketplace needs in a single framework with pre-integrated HCL Commerce-ready connectors to launch your headless store. 

Streebo: Conversational Interfaces 

Streebo Conversational Interfaces (CI) Powered by HCL Digital Experience is a store for Pre-Trained Chatbots & Virtual Assistants. Streebo has rolled out a library of Pre-Trained Chatbots and Virtual Assistants that can handle a range of roles within the Enterprise such as Customer Service, Marketing Service Agent, Distributor Service, and Employee Service across a variety of industries and domains. 


TradeCentric transforms the way businesses transact by enabling PunchOut, Purchase Order, and Invoice Automation solutions for 3,000+ companies around the world. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of eCommerce and eProcurement, TradeCentric helps B2B buyers connect with suppliers, automating procurement processes to drive greater efficiency and user adoption of streamlined systems. 

InfoEXPRESS: ProjectExpress 

ProjectExpress: Executive Project Management solution runs on HCL Domino. Project management is the art and science of getting things done. Projects help us create or modify new things to deliver value. Executing successful projects requires clear focus and objectives, realistic planning, people and resources, risk management, continuous oversight, quality control, etc., all within the defined time, cost, and scope constraints. 

Sekasoft AIS: Document and process management system 

Sekasoft AIS delivers solutions in the configuration of best practices based on long-term business know-how. Sekasoft AIS is based on HCL Domino platform. As a result, HCL Domino can provide even greater business value together with Sekasoft solutions. 

About HCL SoFy 

HCL SoFy is a web-based catalog of HCL’s software products. Customers can visit, browse the catalog, and download Helm charts that can be used to install product container images. Should HCL SoFy can be used to launch products and business solutions in our free sandbox for demos, PoCs and trials. As a result, SoFy is a fast way to get started with cloud native, with containers, and with Kubernetes.  

Learn More About HCLSoftware’s Business Partner Ecosystem 

HCLSoftware Partner Program enhances and extends organizations’ growth and reach. Memberships offer a variety of benefits tailored to unique company partnership needs, including access to HCLSoftware’s market leading software, access to training, partner recognition, incentives, and investment protection. 

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