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HCLSoftware is excited to announce the latest members in the growing HCL SoFy partner program! With the addition of the partners listed below, SoFy now includes even more options to help solve a broad range of business challenges.

Whether streamlining operations, improving customer experience, or securing enterprise resources, the HCL SoFy partner program has something for everyone. Thanks to our newest partners, you can now choose from an even broader range of solutions and services to meet your unique needs.

Please help us welcome the newest members and take a moment to learn more about the specific solutions they provide.


Avalara is the industry’s most trusted global cloud-based sales and use tax compliance platform. Avalara AvaTax streamlines the sales and use tax compliance process to save time, reduce errors, and cut costs. AvaTax has over 1,200 verified integrations, including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and more, that perform automated address validations, jurisdiction determinations, and rate calculations on demand.


Swarmalytics presents AI Customer Insights, its customer pool analysis service, now available for HCL SoFy clients. Proprietary artificial intelligence software allows Swarmalytics to gain an exceptional degree of understanding of client customer pools with a particular focus on customer acquisition, attrition, upsell potential, and other metrics of long-term value.


Zobrist’s Smart Merchandiser for HCL Commerce empowers digital merchandising teams to make informed display decisions while managing large amounts of data – from SKUs to sizes to colors – and balancing it against incoming information from social media, web analytics, and sales reports.


acceptIT’s Cobuddy revolutionizes organizational communication. Cobuddy is a family of AI chatbot solutions which can be used to simplify and automate communication. Cobuddy is easy to adapt to your needs and suitable for all industries and company sizes.

GEDYS Intraware

GEDYS IntraWare’s CRM App helps organizations ensure the best possible customer loyalty and support through fast information flow, seamless processes, and cross-departmental. GEDYS IntraWare CRM helps identify needs across the entire customer lifecycle—sales, marketing, service, and more—to allow companies to unleash their full potential. Integrates with a broad range of 3rd-party products.

SoFy is HCLSoftware’s easy-to-use interactive environment for experiencing offerings from HCL and HCL business partners in a private sandbox environment. In just minutes, with a single click, SoFy provisions and deploys your favorite HCL and partner products for exploration, training, and other purposes.

Try SoFy for yourself at

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HCLSoftware | March 6, 2023
Get to Know Our Newest Partners & Solutions in HCL SoFy
We spend endless hours obsessing about the tiniest details that make the most significant difference, from design and customer journey to how businesses can easily access 50 product components, 2,000+ REST API endpoints, 40+ cloud native business solutions. 
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HCLSoftware Helps Business Partners Grow With HCL SoFy 2.0
HCLSoftware is finding even more ways to help out our partner community with HCL SoFy 2.0. The latest release includes new capabilities to help HCLSoftware business partners grow their business through a business-oriented, self-service cloud platform for delivering a hands-on software experience for demos, proof of concepts (PoCs), training, and trials.