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In partnership with Pearson Vue, HCL Software is excited to announce two certifications available to showcase your Volt MX expertise. Check out the Developer Certification for Volt MX 9.2 & Certified Volt MX Associate Developer Certification to highlight your Volt MX skills and earn your digital badge.  


The Developer Certification for Volt MX 9.2  is for Developers to validate their knowledge and ability to write and deploy applications for Volt MX 9.2, including application requirements for UI, UX, Iris, & Foundry components. 

What skills are measured in this certification? 

The HCLSoftware Certified Volt MX 9.2 Developer must demonstrate skills associated with developing applications using the Volt MX product in areas such as UI design, UX, IRIS low code capabilities, IRIS SDK, IRIS widgets and data format, IRIS coding, Foundry, Foundry SDK, Foundry custom code, Application technical requirements, IRIS extensibility, Foundry extendibility and Marketplace components. 

How do I earn this certification? 

To earn this certification, you will need to take and pass the HCLSoftware Certified Developer – Volt MX 9.2 exam.  


Visit the HCL Software Academy to learn more, access exam resources, and get certified today! 


If you also want to extend your Volt MX expertise, check out the HCL Software Certified Volt MX Associate Developer Certification. This certification validates developer skills to build both Mobile and Web applications that illustrate a concrete understanding and key execution of product development principles. Creation of these applications includes reading and writing data using HCL Volt MX Iris & Foundry. 

How do you earn the badge? 

The HCL Volt MX Certified Associate Developer Badge is free and can be earned when an applicant creates a project evaluated by the Digital Solutions Academy. The candidate must pass all requirements as specified in the HCL Volt MX Certified Associate Developer Rubric. 

Applicants will be required to develop both a Mobile and Web application that contains key functionality requirements which demonstrate full working knowledge and skills within HCL Volt MX Iris and Foundry.  

Visit the HCL Software Academy to learn more about the certification, review resources, and get started! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to: 

  • Take your credibility to the next level 
  • Earn a digital badge to easily manage, share and verify your achievement 
  • Showcase your HCL Volt MX skills and expertise

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Certified! 

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