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After the biggest launch of Workload Automation 10.0.1 release in 1Q of 2022 (see the Workload automation original Video), what can we expect in 2022? Big news! 

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Our first release refreshing for Dynamic Workload Console 10.0.1 is ready. 

Let’s answer the 5 WH questions. 

Why are we releasing this package? 

New security vulnerabilities are found every day, and we want you to have code that is bulletproof from any security breaches. 

HCL is adding more test cases also to versions already released, so we want to deliver fixes in the short term. 

If you find a code defect, we don’t want you to wait until the next fix pack to have a fix packaged in a fully tested deliverable, we want to publish it in 3 months at the most, and we want everybody to have this code. 

What is the content of this package? 

It contains critical defects, vulnerabilities, and APARs. There are no enhancements planned in these deliverables and nothing that requires a new education for the end-users. 

Who will benefit from this package? 


You will have a short turnaround time for your APARs! No need for ifixes! And you can be sure all the known vulnerabilities are fixed in a timely manner! 

Where can you find the package? 

In the usual official repositories. 

If you are an HCL customer:

When is the package available? 

An updated DWC package will be available every 2-3 months. The new package replaces the previous ones. DWC 10.1.2022.05 is already available!!!!! 

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