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Organizations have been reaping the benefits of automation in simple tasks and workflows up until now. But with the ever-changing landscape of automation technology, businesses have realized they need to automate their entire processes rather than just limited tasks or workflows. All analysts’ predictions point to the need for an orchestrated set of technologies, tools, and platforms to automate as many IT (Information Technology) and business processes as possible. Many call this phenomenon “hyperautomation”.

“Hyperautomation is a philosophy that says everything that can and should be automated will be automated, eventually.”

A strong hyperautomation platform will not only bring you improved accuracy, efficiency and innovation but also will seamlessly integrate your people with technology. But choosing the right platform from the ocean of inadequate ones is a prevalent challenge for many businesses.

Which is why HCLSoftware has launched its own hyperautomation enabler, known as “HCL Universal Orchestrator”. HCL Universal Orchestrator is a cloud-native process orchestrator designed to expand the outreach of your automation with limitless scenarios. It enables the orchestration of the universe of automations with a low-code approach for workflows design, enhanced visibility, seamless orchestration across hybrid systems, robust rule engines.

Features of HCL Universal Orchestrator

  • Seamlessly span across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures
  • Ensure high scalability and swift workflow execution for calendar-based and event driven, business, IT and human-in-the-loop tasks
  • Support serverless orchestration for cloud applications
  • Enable data exchange between tasks
  • Empower business users with self-service automation

HCL Universal Orchestrator integrates well within other offerings under HCL Automation Orchestration Suite and provides a holistic solution to your end-to-end business requirements.

Remember, the future is here! Whoever is not ready with the right tools may not sustain itself in the fast-moving environment. Do not let your lack of understanding on the topic keep you from taking that leap toward success. Find out more about our hyperautomation tool and contact us for a free demo to accelerate on your transformation journey.

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