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The only tool needed to develop stateful, event-driven and real-time applications

HCL DevOps Code RealTime

Do you develop C++ applications that consist of communicating state machines? Do you want to use either Visual Studio Code or Eclipse Theia as your IDE? Do you like to view and edit your state machines in graphical diagrams but also textually? Then HCL DevOps Code RealTime is the tool you should use!
Compared to coding directly in C++, Code RealTime provides better abstraction, automation and analysis.


HCL DevOps Code RealTime

Why choose HCL DevOps Code RealTime

Code RealTime helps you generate consistent, readable, and efficient C++ code that prevents concurrency and performance problems. Graphical state machines are much easier to understand and work with than a low-level C++ implementation. And finding problems early saves both time and effort.

Art and C++

The Art language provides powerful high-level concepts that allow you to raise the abstraction level when designing your application. Examples include capsules, state machines, ports and many more. These concepts are automatically translated into highly efficient C++ code and can be used together with your other hand-written C++ code.

Graphical Diagram Editors

View and edit your application using graphical editors such as state diagrams, structure diagrams and class diagrams.

Versatile Builds

Build your application for the target of choice with automatically generated make files. Design high-level build settings by means of scripting to build multiple versions of your application from the same source files.

Powerful Run-Time Library

A portable and powerful run-time library, the TargetRTS, provides the run-time services needed by your application. With a long history of successful industrial use, this library is a battle-tested and rock-solid foundation for your application.

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