Reignite Your Investment

Domino Restart

Continue your Domino journey by upgrading your software and renewing your support. Take advantage of new Domino capabilities which increase your ROI, modernize UX, reduce admin costs, prevent security threats, and improve OS integration and compatibility.

Maximize Your Investment

Domino Restart Plus

Extend your Domino journey with the Volt MX Go multi-experience platform utilizing no-code and pro-code development tools to deliver an exceptional user experience on any device. Build beautiful apps fast that accelerate the way people work, shop, and interact.

The Top Reasons Why You Should Restart HCL Domino

HCL Domino

Powers the Apps that Run Your Business…
More Efficiently

“Domino comes with its own built-in database, which makes it very easy and efficient for rapid application development and deployment. And it’s extremely secure, flexible, and scalable.”

⎼ Information Systems Architect

“Domino definitely gives us a competitive advantage because we can reutilize core code and build corporate wide apps much faster than with other solutions.”

⎼ Sr. IT Manager

“If we had not been using Domino, the cost of applications would be 10 times the operational cost of Domino.”

⎼ Head of IT

“You can create in a very fast way complex applications which leaves the competition far behind. The Domino server is very performant and doesn't need many resources, even when 1000's of users connect at the same time.”

⎼ System Applications Manager

“HCL Domino made it possible to realize what we had envisioned.”

⎼ IT Professional


Eliminate Notes desktop client upgrades

Utilize one-click deployment and work with Domino apps from any leading browser ⏤ launching apps in just seconds.

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Access Domino apps from a mobile device

Leverage key native capabilities such as biometrics, GPS, camera, and storage right on your mobile device. Use your Domino apps when and where you want ⏤ even offline.


Never disrupt your business with an upgrade

Easily upgrade Domino regardless of your release version. Upgrading Domino has never been faster or easier, and your applications are backwards compatible.


Create better looking apps

Restyle existing Domino apps with a more modern look and UI. Apply new themes, update colors ⏤ all in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of rewriting them.


Integrate seamlessly within your enterprise

Domino supports single sign-on and synchronization of users and groups between Domino and Active Directory.


Your business, your data, your cloud

Deploy and manage your HCL Software products on the cloud of your choice. Our software can be installed on any Kubernetes environment – public, private, or hybrid – in minutes.


OS compliance and support

Reduce the risk of OS non-compliance and external threats by renewing support and upgrading your software. Domino v9/v10 end of support is June 2024.


Why HCLSoftware

HCLSoftware is a global software leader with 4000+ employees, $1.4B Revenue, supporting 45% of Fortune 500.

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Why do 40% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Domino?


ROI - Payback Less than 6 Months


Improvement in App Dev Efficiency


Cost to Replace HCL Domino

Maximize your investment with
Domino Restart Plus

Unlock the value of Domino and extend your app dev capability with our Domino Leap no-code platform, combined with our cutting-edge HCL Volt MX multi-experience platform to reach your users across any device with no user experience limits.

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