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Response and
Resolution Time

Company: CyFIR
Industry: IT
Products: HCL BigFix, CyFIR Enterprise
Partner: None


CyFIR wanted to create a forensic security application that would be more proactive in seeking out and remediating security threats than any other solution in the marketplace. CyFIR wanted to help a large enterprise reduce the time and costs associated with incident identification, containment, and remediation.


CyFIR collaborated with HCL to integrate the capabilities of BigFix with the CyFIR platform. As a result, CyFIR created a comprehensive and effective threat detection and remediation platform that helps customers drastically reduce the costs associated with a security incident. Most importantly, BigFix helped accelerate incident response and resolution time from first alert to ticket closure from weeks to minutes.


  • Reduced costs by up to 90 percent per security incident investigation
  • Eliminated travel-related downtime and lost productivity by automating agent deployment and incident investigation
  • Reduced average incident resolution time from weeks to minutes

One of our major customers -- one of the top Fortune 50 financial firms in the world – was able to reduce their forensic investigator count by about 4 FTE with the combination of CyFIR and BigFix.

- Ben Cotton
Founder and CTO

About the Company

Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, CyFIR provides solutions for incident response, internal investigation, e-discovery, and threat assessment.
CyFIR makes cyber resiliency accessible to enterprises of any size through platform licensing, managed services, and turnkey investigative services.


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