HCL HERO, your Machine Learning expert for BigFix


You have the great opportunity to play with the beta version of HCL HERO, a BigFix Administrator’s Best Friend!


HERO (Healthcheck and Runbook Optimizer) is an intelligent HCL Software Solution that enables BigFix Administrators to easily monitor the health of their servers and perform informed recovery actions with specialized Runbooks. HERO frees up administrator time, reduce manual labor, reduce downtime of servers and prevents compliance delay.


HERO brings the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to customers. By providing both actual KPIs (such as active threads and number of connected endpoints) and AI-powered trend estimation of KPIs, HERO enables the prediction of potential problems.


Please fill in your details and we will send you instructions to access HERO beta environment.


To know more about HERO for BigFix, see 5 reasons why you need HCL HERO for your BigFix environment, and watch the video.