Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise

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HCL Launch: Solution Overview

Continuous Delivery for the Enterprise

HCL Launch is engineered to handle your most complex CI/CD deployment situations with push-button automation and controlled auditing needed in regulated and technically diverse enterprises. Schedule your demo today.


Real Customer Results and Testimonials

HCL Launch automates application deployments across IT environments and provides quick feedback for continuous delivery, while providing the audit trails, versioning, and approvals needed in production.


Agents performing Critical Application Deployment Across Hundreds of Data Centers.

17+ Years

Of exp​ evolved Solution Empowering Seamless Application Deployments with a decade+ experience in the domain.


Plugins that enables seamless integration with industry top enterprise software solutions.


Deployment powering Industry's Enterprise Software with 30K+ Daily Deployments of Critical Applications.

Deploying to Modern Architectures

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

Deploying to Modern Architectures

Every organization has a unique approach to modernization. HCL Launch can provide value for your DevOps transformation, regardless of the maturity of your ecosystem.

Application Modernization is the modernization of three areas: architecture, infrastructure, and delivery model. HCL Launch enables these three areas to coexist, even when they are in distinct stages of transformation, so you don’t have to slow down or delay improvement. Modernize your infrastructure with new tools while staying consistent with your delivery process.

HCL Launch + HCL SoFY

HCL CLARA AI virtual assistant

HCL Launch + HCL SoFY

Try HCL Launch instantly with an easy-to-use, cloud-native demo environment powered by HCL SoFy.

Get hands-on experience with our CI/CD solution to see how it works with your existing DevOps pipeline.

HCL Launch is compatible with hundreds of other DevOps tools through our library of plug-ins.

HCL Launch is compatible with hundreds of other DevOps tools through our library of plugins.

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