Let’s Explore Ways to Elevate Your Communication Strategies:

81% of people check emails on smartphones, 74% on computers, 21% on tablets, and 2% on smartwatches.

Craft seamless interactions

Marketers need to prioritize multichannel strategies. By employing adaptive designs, messages retain optimal clarity and appeal on any device. This ensures that every interaction aligns with the user's preference.
50% of users prefer WhatsApp to receive information about webinars, event notifications, or appointments.

Elevate campaign strategies

Ensure your strategy integrates communication tools that incorporate WhatsApp messaging, streamlining and personalizing event notifications.
6% of users will abandon an app after receiving just one push notification per week.

Drive tailored interactions

Advanced segmentation and targeting ensures only the most relevant messages reach each user, reducing notification fatigue and attrition.
83% of businesses that text their customers have incorporated AI into their SMS marketing strategy.

Deploy AI insights

Harnessing AI-generated recommendations allows for optimized subject lines, CTAs, and dynamic content, ensuring tailored and compelling engagement with each customer.
Poor sender reputation is responsible for 83% of email delivery failures.

Achieve reliable sender status

Reduce spam rates while enhancing resonance with your target audience by leveraging our GenAI to smartly craft and test engaging subject lines.

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