Key Strategies to Unify Every Customer Interaction:

When combined with SMS, email campaigns had a 52% higher open rate and a 100% higher click-through rate than email alone.

Synchronise every interaction

Employing a unified platform can swiftly consolidate your marketing efforts across channels, using contact and response histories to deliver a truly omnichannel experience.
Businesses saw a 34% increase in marketing productivity by streamlining review, approval processes, and enhanced collaborations.

Boost campaign effectiveness

Deploying a solution that provides efficient campaign management in one place, you can create powerful campaigns and enhance productivity.
54% of businesses say that brand consistency substantially contributes to the growth of a business and can increase revenue by as much as 23%.

Optimize asset allocation

Utilizing a shared repository of assets and best practices can help marketers manage unified channel marketing and content distribution, ensuring a remarkable brand experience.
Consumers shopping across online and offline channels have a 30% higher lifetime value.

Navigate complex campaigns

Implementing an AI-powered omnichannel solution enables the management of advanced campaigns, offers conflicts, and widespread resources with improved efficiency.
On average, customers engaging with omnichannel campaigns spent 13% more than those engaging with single-channel campaigns.

Accelerate omnichannel success

Embracing a fully integrated platform that supports scalable, omnichannel solutions could be the key to accelerating your marketing success.

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