Powering Cloud Native Apps

For enterprises just starting their cloud native journey or those already executing a multi-cloud strategy,HCL  OneDB offers the flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use needed to meet your application needs.

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“52% of respondents ranked faster deployment time as the biggest benefit of using cloud native projects in production. This was followed by improved scalability at 45%, and cloud portability and improved availability tied with 39%.” - CNCF

The Database for All Your Needs

fully automated database administration

Getting Started is Easy

Capturing the value of data for insight and actionable intelligence is made easier through fully automated database administration. You can drastically reduce the need for deep technical expertise to launch new ideas and still stay ahead of the competition.

OneDB’s MongoDB API compatibility

Compatible with Everything

HCL OneDB is great for application development. From broad support of interfaces and APIs to extensive programming language support, developers will find everything they need with HCL OneDB. Do you have an application using MongoDB? Upgrade to enterprise-class performance, reliability and scalability with HCL OneDB’s MongoDB API compatibility. 

OneDB optimized experience for developers

Reduce IT Complexity

HCL offers the most versatile cloud native database in the market. Whether you have relational data or unstructured data, HCL OneDB provides an optimized experience for developers, administrators and operations to easily store and retrieve information fast and easy. 



HCL OneDB provides industry-standard encryption using OpenSSL in all editions so you can ensure that your data is secure at rest and in motion. 

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