HCL Client Advocacy Program

Kimi Cousins, Director, Client Advocacy Program
“The mission of our Client Advocacy Program is to build a direct relationship with our customers. We really want to be able to hear their voice".

About the HCLSoftware Client Advocacy Program

A customer-centric approach is the foundational element of the HCLSoftware business philosophy. We strive to deliver a high-touch, highly interactive approach to customer relationships, and to provide the greatest value and service to customers through strong connections to our product experts.

Maximize the Value of Your Investment and Achieve Business Goals

Your success is not only about keeping systems up and running — It's about achieving your business goals. Our program takes a customer-centric approach to listen and provide guidance from a technical point of contact with one goal in mind: your success. Our goal is to build strong relationships and ensure your long-term success with our software.

Proactive communication on product news

Proactive communication on product news and updates

Deep learning of client's business

Deep learning of client's business and challenges

product roadmaps

Frequent touchpoints with product roadmaps

Continuous support

Continuous support for product usage and business needs  

What Customers are Saying about HCLSoftware Client Advocacy Program

Client advocacy manager guides how the program works

How the Program Works

Current HCLSoftware customers with an active software subscription or approved HCL Business Partners can request to participate in our free program. Your product Client Advocacy Manager will evaluate your needs and business strategy and assign an HCLSoftware client advocate who will be your direct technical point of contact.

Products Covered in the Client Advocacy Program

Providing practical innovations that lead to our customers' success


Get complete visibility and control to optimize your business with automation

Marketing & Commerce

Drive business transformation and achieve profitable results.

Data Management

Experience and expertise to manage the amount of data created every second


The best market-leading DevOps solutions for your business.

Digital Solutions

A secure, flexible and effective market-leading foundation for your organization


Essential solutions for mainframe users to Optimize, Modernize and Drive Innovation with their mainframe investments