Transform HCL Workload Automation customer experience with HCL Clara!

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HCL Clara V2

Transform HCL Workload Automation customer experience with HCL Clara!

HCL Clara, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, understands human input, provides answers by tapping into a rich, specialized knowledge base. Clara allows direct interaction with HCL Workload Automation in natural language to execute routine tasks and enables users to quickly learn how to use and troubleshoot the product.

HCL Clara Features

Our Impact


Improvement in Operational Efficiency



HCL Clara Benefits

Ensure WA Operation Continuity

Learn how to use the product. Perform smart actions to simplify and speed up job execution and troubleshooting.

Administration And Monitoring

Quick access to monitoring and get the environment info for better maintenance. Receive the product information around the latest news.

Add Value to Workload Automation

Minimize FAQ-type calls. Reduce common-issue incidents. Speed up learning curve on new functions.

Operations Optimization with Clara

Increased agility. No delay in assisting end users. Efficient back-end support.

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