Scale your application management


Easily deploy on any cloud


Reduce cost through containerization


Faster upgrades, maintenance release and fix pack delopment via Docker


Enhanced support for Open Technology

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CTOs and IT Administrators, Database Admin, Software Installer, Martech IT Architects, all need easier upgrades and installs, compatibility and integration of open-source solutions, autoscaling, better monitoring, reduced costs on infrastructure, compatibility and faster & responsive to market demand.

But they often ask...

With traditional software offerings, our IT team has to download the installation binaries, run the installer and perform the configuration. How does Unica help simplify this process?

Unica is now cloud-native. Deployments are automatically provisioned and released with an on-demand allocation of infrastructure and minimum IT involvement.


Can I choose which cloud platform I use to deploy Unica?

Unica is the most open cloud-agnostic solution in the market. We are a strategic partner of Google Cloud, but can easily deploy in the cloud of your choice.


With our product rapidly growing and our martech stack evolving so fast, it is hard for us to manage and predict infrastructure TCO. Can Unica help?

Cloud native has many options to make infrastructure management effortless. With helm charts, application management and monitoring, your deployments will be easy, automated, and configuration driven. Unica makes it easy to scale as your business grows.


We continue to scale marketing within our organization but this also increases the workload of the IT Team. Can Unica help?

Being cloud native, Unica can scale services independently. This happens automatically most of the time, so no one needs to manage them on a daily basis.


According to Gartner, “Technology product management leaders must deliver cloud-native offerings now to capture business opportunities and avoid irrelevancy.”

Unica facilitates the deployment of cloud-native technologies like containerization to develop in an environment-agnostic manner, containers eliminate the application conflicts between teams and high collaboration.