Define goal-driven experiences and adjust them in real-time.​


Automated and syncronized execution within every step and channel of a customer’s brand engagement.


Design and visualize your entire customer Journey across channels.​


Simple drag and drop design increases deployment speed to market and Lower my TCO.


Drag and drop capabilities offer faster deployment with no coding.

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CMOs, Digital Marketers, Content Creators, Email Marketing Specialist, CX Consultant they all are goal-oriented marketer. As such they must never miss an opportunity to delight customers by visually building and delivering omnichannel campaigns based on their behavior & lifecycle stage

But they often ask…

Unica Illustration Image Unica Illustration Image Unica Illustration Image
Unica Illustration Image

82% of marketing executives want to see key metrics for every campaign, but less than 33% can actually deliver them.

Unica identifies patterns and automates actions based on previous behaviors. This enables delivery of the right message at the right time increasing conversion rates.


I'd like to send a WhatsApp message and follow-up with push notifications. Can Unica help us add new engagement channels without new coding or help from IT?

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Unica offers simple drag and drop functionality. Just define your cross-channel entry points, add your conditions and you are all set.

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We developed a new product and have not been able to convert website visitors into users. How can Unica help us optimize our conversions and increase sales?

Unica helps define your marketing goals, create conversion funnels, A/B test assumptions and discover insights that increase your bottom line.


My management want to send whatsapp message and execute some retargeting campaign with push notification, how do we engage in multichannel journeys in Unica ?

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Unica Suite as a tool works with a simple drag and drop functionality. Just define the entry point, add the condition, and you are all set to go. lets you maximize your customer engagement across digital channels with reliable, timely and personalized digital messages. marketing strategy accordingly - promoting cross-channel engagement.

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63% of marketers spend at least 2 hours on simple campaigns. Complex campaigns can take days or weeks. Can Unica help steamline the development process?

Unica provides drag and drop tooling to design email, SMS and digital channel intergration templates to reduce time to market.