The HCL Unica Summer Release brings you an enviable list of new features and improvements from across different areas of the HCL Unica Marketing platform, with the three major highlights:

1. Usability and Functional Improvements with Marketing Central

2. More Nimble and Cohesive Real Time Personalized Interactions with Personalization Playback and learning enabled across channels.

3. Improved Outbound Channel Effectiveness with Sender ID (SMS) Consolidation and Conversational WhatsApp Messaging.

Key Features and Benefits of
The HCL Unica Summer Release

Marketing Central and UI Functional Improvements

  • Intuitive and a More Functional User Interface for Marketing professional via Marketing Central (From Tech Preview to GA)
  • UI Improvements in Campaign- Test v/s Prod Run; Process Boxes with Derived Fields

Built Journeys and email campaigns more efficiently

  • Effective Journey Authoring using Journey Loop, User Takeout, WhatsApp Response Orchestration, Publishing Segments to Journeys
  • Support of Zip File imports into Deliver for content creation , Landing Pages with Static URLs, URL Shortener, URL ShortEmail Archival Link

Better Personalization and Segmentation control

  • Modelling and Scoring through External Call out Process Box in Campaign
  • Better Coverage Analysis with Improved Simulation for Real Time Personalization of Interactions
  • Improved Privacy Controls for Personalization


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