Manage 1000's of concurent campaigns with enterprise-scale marketing automation


Create unique customer engagements with powerful realtime personalization


Seamlessly integrate digital channels that scale to handle even the largest engagement volume


Automate complex campaigns or flexibly build ad-hoc campaigns quickly and efficiently with our latest productivity tools


Reach customers on right channel at the right time wuth our integrated onmichannel platform

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As an enterprise marketing professsional, you need the ability to combine real-time customer insights and advanced segmentation to build marketing strategies that can scale.

But they often ask…

How do we properly execute personalized campaigns in a complex environment where thousands of offers are being delivered to various audiences simultaneously?

Unica is the most scalable marketing platform in the industry, able to deliver billions of offers to precise segments for outbound and inbound campaigns.


31% of consumers want more personalized engagements. Can Unica help us create an immediate impact with customers at every interaction?

Unica is the only true online and offline marketing solution that provides timely personalized communications to create memorable consumer experiences.


As a digital marketing professional, I need the ability to easily update our martech strategy across all digital channels. What channels does Unica cover?

Unica can maximize your customer engagement across all digital channels with reliable, timely and personalized digital messages.


My global marketing team does not have a single tool to effectively consolidate budgets and marketing ROI. How can Unica help?

Unica is an enterprise grade marketing solution with a collaborative environment for end-to-end planning, execution and management of all your initiatives.


We run a complex business with hundreds of campaigns. How do we avoid overloading customers with generic offers that don't convert and result in opt-outs?

Unica helps you avoid contact fatigue with analytic tools to measure performance and an active learning model to deliver a unified omnichannel experience.