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Unified Development for Professional and Citizen Developers

Build Exceptional, Secure, Multiexperience Apps —Fast.
Now for Everyone

From business to IT, HCL Volt MX provides a unified development experience for professional and citizen developers to collaborate and build engaging experiences ­– all with IT oversight.

One platform, one price, no hidden charges.

Powering Your Digital-First Business with Our Low Code Multiexperience Development Platform

Real Customer Results

HCL Volt MX has helped organizations across industries build innovative experiences for their customers, partners, and employees


Savings in app development time and cost

12 million

Residents provided access to key government services

2 million

Personalized shopping experiences


Employees supported with streamlined operations app

HCL Volt MX Benefits


One Platform for All Your Needs

Simplify and consolidate all other app dev platform investments. HCL Volt MX provides one unified platform for all skillsets to build apps under one infrastructure, license, governance model and security standard.


Unlock the Potential of Every Employee

Harness innovation from everyone in the business and enable them to solve their own digital challenges while promoting strong collaboration between business users and IT.


Multiexperience Innovation

From progressive web apps (PWAs) to native mobile apps, reach your users wherever they live digitally across any device, even wearables and kiosks – all on a single code base.


Accelerated App Delivery

HCL Volt MX combines the speed and ease of low-code development with enterprise backend services and integration capabilities, resulting in faster app development and 80% reduction in code.


Modernize Legacy Applications

Evolve, extend, and even replace existing apps with reduced time, complexity, and cost by avoiding full rewrites and disjointed off-the-shelf solutions.

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Where can HCL Volt MX take you?

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