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Simple, scalable and transparent pricing helps customers to choose the best fit and grow as their business demands and digital strategy evolves. The HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 offering presents a simplified, consumption-based pricing model based on the number of user sessions to be consumed in DX sites over a 12-month period. The HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native v9.5 subscription pricing model offers graduated tier-based pricing, with lower costs at each tier as user session quantities increase. This means you only pay for what you use.

As interactions with end users become increasingly “digital-first,” adding capability at scale to drive targeted, productive digital experiences that expand audiences and conversion rates is the name of the game. Digital Experience platform managers continually monitor user session levels, that is, the volume of web user sessions, and plan for capacity to support user traffic in their DX sites.

Now Adds More Value and Capability

HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 is a comprehensive DX solution, trusted by business, with a rich set of capabilities for B2B, B2C, and B2E solutions on one proven platform. These include HCL Portal Server, Web Content Manager, and also HCL Leap that can be installed to supported Specified Operating systems, e.g. Windows, Linux and IBM AIX. Customers deploying to supported Kubernetes platforms can deploy all those components, plus Digital Asset Management, and with this new update, the capabilities of HCL Volt Foundry. Using Volt Foundry pre-built connectors and integration services, customers can simplify data and services integrations and quickly present the results to DX target audiences through DX web pages. These DX web pages can be developed using Volt Foundry with tools such as the Digital Data Connector, Script Application, or HCL Leap.

We’re excited to add more value with these Volt Foundry capabilities, available on August 22, 2023 with HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native v9.5.1 in the HCL Software License Portal (Flexnet) for customers licensed for the HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 offering.

With these updates, the HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 offering provides a complete set of Digital Experience platform capabilities, including the broad array of pre-built data connectors and integration services for API management of Volt Foundry, along with all of the HCL DX platform modern, easy-to-use tools and open-standards APIs that business users and developers can use to centrally build, optimize, and deliver digital experience solutions for the target audiences.

HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 is a customizable, scalable, and high-availability solution. Customers have increased flexibility with options to install the HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native 9.5 offering on their platform of choice as they evolve to the cloud.

User Session Consumption Pricing

HCL Digital Experience v9.5 Cloud Native is a subscription pricing approach that aligns with cloud vendor consumption pricing practices.  It considerably simplifies how customers license DX 9.5 software for development, test and production, enables more predictable costs and easier consumption reporting. This model provides a consumption-centric rather than a capacity-centric approach to subscription licensing. Under this model, customers select the number of user sessions to be consumed in their DX sites over a 12-month period. A “user session” is defined as the number of web sessions or other online interactions by anonymous or authenticated users interacting with HCL Digital Experience sites. HCL DX Cloud Native 9.5 provides built-in user session tracking. DX administrators can also use standard web analytics packages such as Google Analytics to track user sessions consumed in DX site DX Cloud Native User Session tracking. See the Digital Experience Help Center topic Integrate Google Analytics with HCL Digital Experience for more information.

Digital Experience Cloud-Native v9.5 Subscription Tiers

The Digital Experience Cloud Native v9.5 pricing model offers allocations of user sessions in tiers that are consumed over an annual period. For example, if the number of user sessions used across an organization’s DX sites deployed to Kubernetes or supported on-premises Operating Systems platforms would total to 2 million annually, HCL Digital Experience Cloud Native v9.5 “Tier 2” would be selected. Each DX Cloud Native v9.5 tier includes an allocation of virtual processor core (VPCs) supporting production deployments. And under this pricing model, deployments to non-production, test, staging, or developer environments are unlimited, offering greater flexibility and value to organizations.

HCL Digital Experience Cloud-Native v9.5 term pricing is also used for deployments to the HCL Now platform. HCL Now provides managed hosting services on dedicated, secure cloud container environments.  Hosting and management services offered can be found in the HCL Digital Experience on HCL Now Service description on the HCLSoftware License Agreement site.

Stay Informed!

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