What we achieved

  • Speedy development process

  • Multiple language support

  • Cloud deployment for Easy maintenance

To who

  • Industry: Services

  • Products: Volt MX

  • Region: EMEA


  • Part 1


    This company wanted to effectively manage sales leads, orders, pest control investigations and hygiene/cleaning for 19,000+ professionals.

  • Part 2


    HCL Volt MX experts helped them quickly develop and deploy 17+ applications — in the cloud for easy maintenance and 24/7mobile access.

  • Part 3


    This brought more clarity to operations so that business decisions could be made quickly and handed off for successful, fast execution.

The Challenge

Building in Efficiencies

This major European services organization is known globally and operates as a pest control services company in 80 countries and offers cleaning/hygiene services in more than 60 countries.

They have been using the HCL Volt MX technology to build and deploy applications that drive their business since 2013. The areas they tackled first to make more efficient were the processes the sales and services team utilized. This included managing sales leads, orders, pest control investigations, processing investigative data, organizing, and carrying out periodic cleaning services and managing the scheduling and execution of those services for more than 19,000 professionals.

Their mission is to routinely and continually evaluate their operations and make them as efficient as possible.

“HCL equipped our teams with Volt MX, a platform for fast, low-code development and deployment. This empowered the company’s go-to-market strategy team who can now rely on our market-leading digital platform on which we run our business and can share with the world.”

— An observation from a representative from this services company

The Solution

Faster Development Process

HCL equipped this company with Volt MX, a platform for fast, low-code development and deployment. They recognized the power, flexibility and value that comes out-of-the-box.

Having this world-class digital platform in place empowers the company’s go-to-market strategy team, which relies on it to roll out the apps and services to share with the world and grow its thriving business.

By engaging with the Volt MX technology experts, they quickly developed and deployed 17 applications that are integrated with the webservices layer and deployed in the cloud for easy maintenance and anytime, anywhere mobile access.

Here are two examples of their apps:

Their tracking application for hygiene/cleaning services is used daily by 4,000 users, and allows them to track and update tasks performed in customer facilities and keep the team current on the status of all work activities.

And their tracking application for pest control investigations is used daily by 15,000 users to monitor service engagements and collect investigative data for pest problem resolution.

All of their apps are delivered in multiple languages to support customers in 80+ countries around the world.

The Results

Their Vision is a Reality

With their 17 Volt MX apps fully deployed and operational and being used globally by customers, they are seeing their original strategy and mission come to life.

This new environment brings more clarity to operations so that business decisions can be made more quickly and handed off to the company teams to follow through and execute.

They will continue to learn and make their services more efficient and compelling for customers, as well as develop new apps to improve processes in other areas of the business.

About the company

This European-based business services group was founded in 1925 as a pest-control business but subsequently expanded and diversified, in part through organic growth under its leadership in the 1980s and 1990s, and in part, through the acquisitions in the 1990s, making it into a business delivering a wide range of facilities management services.

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