DataConnect Features

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DataConnect Features

  • Map Source to Target: Map source to target in a few clicks – deliver trusted data to any destination
  • Automating Data Pipeline: Ingest, transform, and automate data pipelines – with or without code
  • Data Compliance: Ensure your data is complete and compliant using data quality rules
  • Building a Data-Driven Culture: Build your data culture by providing all users with governed, self-service integration
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DataConnect 12

Learn about new design features, API’s, and all new data quality capabilities released in DataConnect 12.

DataConnect Benefits

DataConnect, delivered as an on-premises solution or as part of the Actian Data Platform, is the intelligent, low-code integration platform that allows you to address your most complex use cases with automated, intuitive, and reusable integrations. Deliver high-quality data at the speed of business.

Empowers anyone to integrate

The DataConnect integration platform provides near-limitless workflow and configuration options to create integrations, enforce data quality standards, and tap into reliable and governed data. Easily access your integrations using a robust IDE or through DataConnect’s intuitive web-based UI.

Make data-driven decisions with ease

Make reliable business decisions using data you trust. DataConnects offers powerful data profiling capabilities that allow you to visualize your data quality and drill down to address data problems before they impact your systems.

Integrate Anytime

Orchestrate, schedule, and manage data pipelines to ensure your business is getting timely and accurate data when they need it. Connect your data with batch, real-time, event, and embedded processing options.

Integrate Anything

Deliver accurate, consistent data where your business needs it. DataConnect provides a comprehensive library of pre-built connectors and allows you to create, store and reuse templated integration workflows.

Develop and Deploy your Integrations in 4 Simple Steps


Use a visual, point-and-click design interface to connect, cleanse and map data sources to targets and build process workflows based on business rules.


Integration templates allow users to create, publish, and reuse integrations to provide consistent outcomes across the organization.


Allow end-users to configure settings like usernames and passwords, schedules, or real-time event listeners to access quality data faster.


Single platform to run, monitor, and manage live integrations deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or in your VPC or embedded services.


Hybrid Elastic Integration with Actian DataConnect starting at $500 per month

  • Unlimited Pipeline Flows
  • Guided Integration for business users
  • ETL Studio Designer for power users
  • Restful API enabled
  • Automate pipeline workflows using events or REST
  • Design once, deploy anywhere (Cloud, VPC, Embedded, On-Premises)
  • Transformations, Profiles, Processes
  • Automation
  • Portable, reusable templates
  • Data Profiler, Data Quality in the platform
  • Centralized re-use
  • Easy Discovery & Faster onboarding
  • Any Source, Any Target (UniversalConnect)
  • Elastic Integration & Cloud Automated Scaling
  • Secure Agents for On-Premise Hybrid
  • FTP/Files, Partners, Web Services, SaaS apps, On-Prem, IoT
  • Multi-tenant Cloud, Private Cloud, Embedded, On-Premises
  • Streaming, Real-Time, On-Demand Scheduled, Batch/Bulk
  • Hybrid Data Integration Management & 360 integration dashboard (cloud, on premises)
  • Job Scheduling & Automation
  • 360 View, Granular trouble shooting, Real-time analysis
  • API access & Security