What is Vector?

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What is Vector?

Vector, the industry’s fastest analytics database, handles continuous updates without a performance penalty. Vector achieves extreme performance with full ACID compliance on commodity hardware with the flexibility to deploy on-premises, and on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with little or no database tuning.

Vector Analytics Database Benefits


Outperforms alternatives by 7.9x – Enterprise Strategy Group

Resource Optimization

Reduce I/O, optimize data compression and deliver better cache performance to save time and money

REAL Real-time Insights

Continuously keep analytics datasets up to date without affecting downstream query performance

Flexible Deployment

Runs on Windows and Linux, on-premises, hybrid and multi-clouds, including Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure


99.9% availability and support for 1000s of active users

Compliant and Secure

Share data safely across stakeholders with encryption at rest and in transit, and dynamic data masking

Deployment Options

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