What we achieved

  • Global content management system

  • Live communication updates

  • Enhanced customer experience

To who

  • Industry: Restaurant

  • Products: DX

  • Region: Global


  • Part 1 Challenge

    Keeping up with customers’ expectations for products and services in a timely manner while managing the decrease in available workforce and ever-changing technology.

  • Part 2 Solution

    DX provides a platform where a small team can manage a large-scale franchise spanning the globe from a single location.

  • Part 3 Results

    Enhanced internal and external customer experience for this major restaurant holding company and franchises with live updates to devices at widely distributed individual locations.

The Challenge

Business challenge story:

In a world of instant gratification, universally accessible data, and always-on media, businesses are racing to stay competitive in their respective industries. With mobile phones and the internet providing the equivalent of an “instant gratification” button, the pandemic became our reason to push it 24/7. One result of this new paradigm is that consumers now expect to buy goods and services with almost no human interaction; another is the ongoing shortage of workers for frontline positions in supermarkets, restaurants, and retail stores.

With all this in mind, our customer — a major restaurant holding company — is thinking progressively as they consider the software solutions that will take them into the high-growth, fast-food future.

"Our hunger is fueling digital transformation!"

- Software engineer and business partner to fast-food franchise company

The Solution

Transformation story:

As a holding company for chain restaurants, they've been partnering with HCLSoftware’s DX product line for ten years now. The company had been using Sharepoint previously, but found it lacked flexibility; their goal in moving to DX was to find a flexible platform powerful enough for a large-scale organization, yet easily managed by a small team.

DX provides both an internal website — which restaurant employees use to push out information ranging from HR announcements and company news to branding updates — and an externally facing site for two of the four key fast-food chains. Franchises tend to be light on staff, which also means light on IT — so DX’s ability to push information out to people at headquarters and to work with franchisees on a single platform is a gigantic plus. For instance, the company’s headquarters use DX to send recipes and hand-washing protocols to restaurant team members in real time. This ability to communicate large volumes of information to a large audience in a multi-channel, multilingual way makes DX a huge asset.

“2023 is known as the Year of the Author… DX empowers a multitude of authors to make changes needed in real time.”

- Business partner to restaurant holding company

The Results

Results story:

“Our hunger is fueling digital transformation!” laughs software engineer and business partner to the major restaurant company. In step with the future, one of the fast-food chains has instituted a contactless food process. Whereas in the past, a customer would visit a storefront or a drive-thru in person, now they can simply order through the app on their preferred device, then pick up the food at their leisure. The company has also transitioned to a fully digital process for signage and menus, thanks to DX’s easy-to-use content management system, which feeds information from the platform into on-premise TV screens.

Across the US and internationally, the major restaurant holding company is on the forefront of digital transformation, taking the entire customer experience as the top priority as they move their business operations forward. With the global push toward digital interaction picking up speed, 2023 has been dubbed the “Year of the Author” — and DX empowers a multitude of authors to make changes as needed in real time, marrying communication to technology and enabling companies to work smarter, not harder. It’s a clear sign that DX’s legacy is still being written: long-lasting, adaptable, irreplaceable, HCLSoftware’s DX is pointed firmly toward the future.