Leveraging Machine Learning

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Leveraging Machine Learning

HCL AIDA leverages machine-learnings techniques to identify patterns and anomalies in KPI trends (such as the number of completed tasks in the current plan, task duration, and task end-time) and perform early detection of workflow execution issues by analyzing historical data and metrics gathered by Workload Automation and Workload Automation for Z.

The user can now see trends and warning signals on the workflow Dashboard, but the system can send the same notification via email as per configuration.

HCL AIDA's anomaly detection and proactive notification system minimizes operational risk, empowering Product Administrators, Lines of Business Administrators, and Operators.

Proactive Workload Management and Optimization


HCL Automation Orchestrator Suite

Unleash the full potential of automation with this powerful automation package that includes HCL Workload Automation, AI-Powered Operations, Automation Hub, and HCL Universal Orchestrator. By harnessing these cutting-edge tools, you can establish a world-class enterprise that thrives in today's dynamic business landscape.