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Carlos Sainz interviewed by our Marketing VP Dario Debarbieri

Watch this conversation between Scuderia Ferrari's driver Carlos Sainz and our Marketing VP Dario Debarbieri, about how HCLSoftware helps companies perform better and become Digital+.

Let's test Carlos Sainz's tech talents

Carlos Sainz, Scuderia Ferrari driver, get's into trouble guessing the meaning of key IT acronyms.

Get to know Carlos Sainz personally, with this quick word play

Carlos Sainz, Scuderia Ferrari's star pilot, answer a rapid-fire questions about his favorite topics — and how well he knows HCLSoftware.

Winning the Race

Software, like racing, is a competitive sport. The way we do business constantly shifts and we must constantly evolve. In racing, the sound and power of a new car, from its first fire-up through to winning a race, is exhilarating, inspiring and thrilling. For software, we push ourselves to evolve, every day. And, as partners, Ferrari and HCLSoftware are both driven by results.

We are proud to have our brand logo on the front of Ferrari’s new SF-23 race car, and to continue being partners in this multi-year relationship. We’re literally racing together toward a future defined by high-performance, precision technology.

The future of racing isn’t just cars on a track. It’s Ferrari Scuderia’s assembly area, power unit, innovation, and ultimate fan experience. Plus, a powerful brand with a massive global footprint.

For HCLSoftware, we embrace a rapidly evolving hyperconnected environment, where technology — especially software — connects people and organizations so we can work, communicate, collaborate, and do business better and safer. Everywhere. The future of our economy — and our technology — isn’t just digital. It’s Digital+.

Both companies, together, put the extra spark — the + — in everything we do.

“HCLSoftware congratulates the Ferrari team on the launch of their SF-23 car. We are excited to engage in various joint marketing activities during the Formula One season, leveraging the Scuderia Ferrari team, platforms and assets to drive awareness, engagement and the adoption of HCLSoftware to a global community.”

Dario Debarbieri

Vice President and
Head of Marketing, HCLSoftware

Accelerating Ferrari's digital journey

Precision Marketing

Ferrari to enhance security by accelerating their digital journey

We’re proud to announce that Ferrari is accelerating their digital journey with our fast, accurate, agile application security testing solution.
Unified Commerce and Marketplace Platform

HCLSoftware provides low code solutions to Ferrari

Our low-code multiexperience solution is ready to enhance Ferrari's employee experience and accelerate their digital journey.

A Shared Will to Win

“Car racing and software development share values and missions. Both industries require the relentless development of innovative technology, attention to detail and precision, and a focus on continuously improving and optimizing performance. We also both rely on data analysis, modeling, and simulation to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions — and value teamwork, collaboration and communication. We also must quickly adapt to change and overcome challenges. This is why this partnership is so vital — and exciting — to both Ferrari and HCLSoftware.”

Kalyan Kumar

Chief Product Officer, HCLSoftware

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Next up, the AbuDhabi Las Vegas!

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