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HCL Commerce Production

We are excited to announce that HCL Commerce on Now is now available. Everybody loves HCL Commerce but what is HCL Now and why do we have an offering called HCL Commerce on Now?

The best answer I can give is listen to what happens when the Chief Architect at HCLSoftware, Alex Mulholland, gets together with Johnn Tinch, the Chief Technology Officer at HCL Commerce to talk about HCL Now and HCL SoFy.

In case you prefer, here are my takeaways from the video:

It’s no secret that HCL is committed to cloud native! I can give you 6 reasons why we believe cloud native is the next generation of cloud:

  • No cloud vendor lock-in – truly portable
  • More control over security, privacy and compliance
  • Keep my sales data away from my competition
  • The ability to scale when I need it (planned and unplanned)
  • The latest capabilities when I need them
  • Customize the experience with no limitation

We call that last one ‘Give up commerce’ – when a company takes the simple path or ‘convenience’ of multi-tenant SaaS over what every organization needs today in our digital economy – amazing brand experiences delivered with customization!!!

In a recent survey by Forrester, 61% of business and IT executives said control is more important than the convenience.

HCL Now solves those problems and gives you the control you desire with the convenience of SaaS. HCL Commerce on Now is cloud native as a service. Powered by HCL SoFy, the cloud native Solution Factory for HCLSoftware, it makes it simple to move to a cloud native architecture now and manage your HCLSoftware products on the cloud of your choice.

One of the things I love about SoFy is that it makes every solution in HCLSoftware available to everyone, especially a business user like me. I no longer have to wait for IT to spin up a solution like Commerce for me, which will accelerate innovation as I try things out for myself – whether that’s new capabilities in the latest release or integrating solutions together from the HCL portfolio, like Commerce and Discover, to see if they will help my business. I wrote about SoFy earlier and you can get more information about SoFy here.

HCL Now is a new offering that goes across the HCLSoftware portfolio and is not just for Commerce. HCL Now delivers:

  • Cloud Native Now: Enterprise grade availability, unlimited scalability and flexibility, built from the ground up as cloud native. Dedicated, secure environments deployed and managed on the cloud of your choice.
  • Experts on Demand: Reduce risk and cost as you move to cloud native with our cloud and HCL product experts.
  • More for Less / No Lock-in: Software and customization investments are portable to and from any cloud, public, private or on-prem. Shared initial investment to kickstart your transformation.

I highly recommend watching the video – I don’t do it justice in my notes. The analogies that Johnn Tinch uses to describe the benefits of HCL Now will make you chuckle and Alex Mulholland will cut through the technology and describe the value of SoFy and HCL Now in clear business orientated reasons. Watch the video.

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