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Path-breaking, norm defining eventualities have always beaconed throughout known memory. When the world saw Michael Phelps’s attainment in swimming, little did we guess that his medal tally of 28 at the Olympics would stand higher on the leaderboard than many competing countries and set a clear touchstone for the players in the present and after time


With tech staff in companies moving towards remote working and companies adopting this new flavor of working into its mainstream working order, HCL Compass emerges as a solution to the right meshing of working gears in technology.

When enterprises decide to go remote, calls for full lifecycle traceability as to the why, who, when, and what in projects are definitively catered to by HCL Compass. The product extends project level; integrated consolidated views that can help with a holistic glance as well as a meticulous insight into the processes and change, thus allowing stakeholders to effectively shoulder change management and propagation across the enterprise.

While HCL Compass solves the problems of gathering information just in time for discussions, audits, and evaluations and timeboxed reviews; it also increases a great deal of autonomy and self-organizing nature of agile teams. The information realizable at hand is far-reaching and valuable to make data-driven decisions and appraise progress both at the same time with a high-up customization.

The easy to view artifacts and their organizing structure provides for an all-inclusive panned view as well as in depth analysis capabilities. HCL Compass builds in a structured set of customizable processes that can help developers and non-tech stakeholders alike to dwell into the project and gather the information that interests them all the while working on the same set of dashboards and views.

Increased source control helps developing teams and their members to keep each other well informed about their changes which build through better review processes, thus encouraging the best in quality and practices.

Partnered by its API twin, the product is capable of interacting with third party systems and allowing it to integrate itself across the span of systems and processes ingrained in companies.

Teams using the product laud its ability to increase transparency by dissemination of methods and processes on the foundations of collaboration and coping with continuous change.

While remote agile is ashore, and the debates about its longevity is on, companies are in the committal for products like HCL Compass that manages processes and helps stakeholders focus on the undertaking at hand.


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