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HCL VersionVault is a secure version control and configuration management software to access, track and manage changes for all your product’s artifacts throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. It provides controlled access to soft assets, including code, requirements, design documents, models, schematics, test plans, and test results. HCL VersionVault balances development flexibility with effective control of any asset that can be stored in a filesystem.

With HCL VersionVault Cadence Virtuoso Integration, VersionVault brings its enterprise configuration management capabilities to custom/mixed signal and IC designers.

The VersionVault Cadence Virtuoso Integration supports a number of commands (data management operations such as check-in, check-out, label, delete, Merge etc.) and unique features (such as the Configuration Specification editor and the Work Area Manager etc.). Here we are going to look into one of the interesting features of VersionVault Cadence Virtuoso integration i.e Restoring the uncataloged items.

Uncataloged items?
When you remove a resource that is under VersionVault control, the parent directory of the resource is checked out (if it is not already), the name of the element is removed from the VersionVault directory namespace, and the parent directory is checked in. Note that the element has not been deleted: it has been uncataloged from the new directory version, but it still cataloged in the predecessor version of the directory.

Restore Manager… is added to Library Manager Menu
Restore Manager… menu item is added to restore the uncatalogued items.

Restore Manager

User can add/remove the uncatalogued items from left panel to Right panel. After pressing “Ok” button the selected uncatalogued items will be restored.

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